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See Wild Polar Bears Roam


What is it like to be a polar bear hunting on the sea ice during taaq, the polar night? Glittering stars. Deep, fierce cold. The crunch of snow under paws. And the need to stay keenly alert while waiting for seals at their breathing holes.

Our Polar Bear Tracker almost takes you there. It lets you follow satellite-collared polar bears as they navigate the ice on Hudson Bay; it also provides details from the distance traveled to the number of cubs.


The data gained from collared bears is invaluable to scientists, helping with questions from hunting patterns to cub survival rates. For more about what scientists learn from collars, visit our FAQ

Save Our Sea Ice--

and Save the Date!


Our favorite day, International Polar Bear Day, is almost here: February 27th. We're celebrating it as the first of SOS Transparent seven action events in our Save Our Sea Ice (SOS!) campaign, with a goal of keeping polar bears in the Arctic, always. Join us in taking each of the SOS challenges and turning them into habits. Visit our website for resources for expanding into your community and speaking up for change.

Guest Blog Post: New Year's Resolutions for Polar Bears

By Melynda Coble Harrison


As we move into 2014, the PBI staff wants to thank you for all you do to help polar bears. We also want to share our personal resolutions to reduce carbon emissions and make an impact. They cover actions at the individual, community, and policy levels--all of which are needed to stop climate change--starting with a pledge from our chief scientist, Dr. Steven Amstrup:


"I will contact my legislators, and have a specific plan for who to contact and when. I'll also recruit a friend to do the same and get them to resolve to also recruit a friend, and so on down the line." More

Arctic Species of the Month: Arctic Tern

What a bird! The slender arctic tern undertakes the longest migration of any bird, summering as far north as the Arctic and heading south to Antarctica in the fall. In the process, it flaps its wings for nearly 50,000 miles.


Despite the rigors of its migration, the arctic tern is a plentiful seabird, numbering about one million. Fish and small marine invertebrates make up its diet.


Fun fact: The arctic tern is long-lived, reaching as much as thirty years. 

Scientist Profile

Dr. Ian Stirling

Research Scientist Emeritus

Environment Canada


It's hard to know how to begin describing the inimitable Ian Stirling, whose work with polar bears spans more than 40 years. Among his many accomplishments, the scientist was the first to confirm the negative effects of climate change on polar bears, based on his long-term studies of the Western Hudson Bay population.


In recognition of his exemplary lifetime contributionsStirling recently received the Kenneth S. Norris Career Achievement Awardthe premier honor of the Society for Marine Mammology. We join his peers in saying, Bravo!
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See Wild Polar Bears Roam
Save Our Sea Ice
New Year's Resolutions
Arctic Species of the Month
Scientist Profile

We've recently added
several bears from the Southern Hudson Bay to our Polar Bear Tracker, and now you can follow the movements of the PBI Bear and many others as they adapt to changing ice conditions.

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Sweets for Your Sweet 
Are you looking for a
meaningful gift to honor your loved ones this Valentine's Day--and benefit polar bear conservation at the same time? Check out our special Valentine's symbolic adoption, available in
Featured Sponsor
Canada Goose
We're so grateful that Canada Goose has honored the polar bear by creating a PBI collection of apparel, but the company's contributions to the community don't end with polar bear conservation.

In addition to their commitment to keeping production on Canadian soil, they've established a network of Canada Goose Resource Centres, providing access to free fabrics, buttons, zippers, and other sewing materials for traditional Inuit stitchers to use in making jackets and clothing for members of their communities. Learn more about the Canada Goose culture here.
Video of the Month
Thank You!

We start the New Year with a
Thank you! that expresses our infinite gratitude to each and every one of you

for helping polar bears

and the planet.

Teaching Tool
You're inspired. You want to help. Here's how! Start planning now for International Polar Bear Day with our Thermostat Challenge Toolkit, the first in a series of community action kits
for ages 11-18.
Arctic Seasons
January is Si Khin ah rook rook in the Inupiat calendar, the month of surviving the cold. With the sun low in the sky, it's the time of blizzards and frigid temperatures. The name means, "The sun is beginning to rise higher and higher after it has been really low in the last new moon before this one."  
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Conservation through research,
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Photo Credits:
Ian Stirling, Daniel J. Cox/NaturalExposures.com;
Banner and New Year's Bears, Dan Guravich;
Night Bear, BJ Kirschhoffer;
Arctic Tern, Kt Miller

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