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Polar Bear Week


Snow. Cold. Polar Bears! The polar bear migration is underway in Churchill, Manitoba, and, once again, we're celebrating the annual gathering of bears as they wait for the sea ice to return. 

Bear Train-DJC
We invite you to join us during Polar Bear Week, November 4-10, as we focus the world's attention on the great white bears and the threats they face in a warming Arctic. The celebration includes daily challenges that each of us can take to help the bears. These include buying locallybuying less, and supporting climate friendly companies. It's also the perfect time to contact your elected officials and speak up in favor of action on climate change to help polar bears and the planet.
So save the date, make plans to do your part, and visit our social media sites for special Polar Bear Week content to share.


Polar Bear Week is part of our Save Our Sea Ice campaign, a series of Earth Awareness Celebrations centered around energy-saving efforts and action on climate change. 

Gathering on the Tundra


Ready to talk polar bears? Green solutions? Opposite poles? As part of our outreach during the polar bear migration, we've scheduled a series of Tundra Connections webcasts--live from the tundra October 23 to November 14. This is your chance to meet and connect with a range of experts and ask questions.


We've expanded our topics this year to include how businesses, college campuses, and individuals can create a sustainable future. We'll also explore the wild side of the planet, from the ocean floor near Antarctica to the clever ways that arctic animals thrive in their harsh environment.


Reserve your seat now! All you have to do is review the schedule, register, and then join us on the My Planet, My Part page on our website at the appropriate time.

special thanks to this year's partners: Google Street View, Climate Counts, Discovery Education, and TakingITGlobal.
Guest Post:
My Favorite Season

By Valerie Abbott,

Polar Bear Cam Operator


Whenever someone asks, "What is your favorite season?" I'm 

Lone Bear-VA

quick to respond:
polar bear season. Yes,
Polar Bear Cam season is really upon us and I can't wait until it starts. 


Just imagine the sight of a lone polar bear, the wind howling across the open tundra, the snow blowing alongside him. | more

Arctic Species of the Month:
Pacific Walrus


Polar bears aren't the only arctic species affected by climate change. Retreating summer pack ice has forced Pacific walruses in northern Alaska to change their haul-out patterns.Walrus NOAA

Walruses in this area traditionally rested on ice floes drifting above the productive shallow waters of the continental shelf, diving down from these platforms to forage on clams, crabs, and other bottom species. But melting summer sea ice has left them without these icy hammocks, forcing them to haul out on land near Point Lay, Alaska in over-crowded colonies, where they run the risk of stampedes.


Cool fact: Walruses use their bristly whiskers to locate prey on the muddy ocean floor. In so doing, they churn up nutrients that enrich the entire food web.

Don't Forget!

The registration deadline for our Project Polar Bear Contest is October 31. The CO2-reduction challenge is
open to young people (11-18) working in teams. Projects are community-based with a special emphasis on those that will continue after the contest ends. 
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It's OK to Be a
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Featured Sponsor:
Four Points
Four Points
Four Points by Sheraton Winnipeg International Airport has been the first stop on our trek to Churchill longer than we have fingers on which to count! Not only are we proud to call them Champions of the Polar Bear, but also a silver-level sponsor of PBI. Thanks for accommodating us, Four Points!
Volunteer Spotlight
 Julene Reed
Educator, St. George's Independent School
Julene Reed
Julene Reed is an educator extraordinare, with a list of titles and accomplishments long enough to circle the pole. She is the director of our Tundra Connections program and a longtime member of our Advisory Council. She also works with us in developing mini-courses for the HP Catalyst Academy--a free online resource for teachers
worldwide--and is giving us a hand in Churchill this fall with a Google Street View project. This effort will let armchair travelers take a virtual stroll through the town and across the tundra. Way to go, Julene; you're a valued part of our team!
Video of the Month
 Polar Bears & Climate Change: Dr. Andrew Derocher
Join scientist Andrew Derocher on the shores of Hudson Bay as polar bears wait for freeze up.
Teaching Tool

It's all connected! Our unit plan on Arctic Biodiversity investigates the food web in the Arctic and the inter-relationships of arctic species.
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Photo Credits:
Blog Post Bear, Valerie Abbott;
Walrus, Captain Budd Christman, NOAA Corps;
Lone Bear and Bears Crossing Tundra, Daniel J. Cox/NaturalExposures.com;
Sleeping Bear, BJ Kirschhoffer

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