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March 2013
Polar Bears in the Wild West?
Save our Sea Ice!
Guest Post: The Aurora Borealis
Kid Power Multiplied


Bag & Hat

Bring your polar bear spirit on baseball's opening day with your PBI Ball Cap!


Not a baseball fan?

Pick up a Save Our Ice bag or two instead to

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Each product in our online store is locally or sustainably produced to support

our mission of low-carbon living. 



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Your symbolic adoption
is a sweet, thoughtful
way to show your commitment to wild polar bears worldwide.



 Saint Louis Zoo

Saint Louis Zoo


The St. Louis Zoo helps support the annual Maternal Den Study on Alaska's North Slope conducted by PBI and Brigham Young University, a project that helps scientists better understand this vulnerable period in a polar bear's life cycle. We're grateful for their support in making this research possible!


Wesley Larson

Brigham Young University

Wes Larson

Biologist Wesley Larson has temporarily returned from Alaska's North Slope, braving subzero temperatures to learn more about the behavior of polar bear moms and cubs when they first emerge from their den.


Wesley studies under one of our Scientific Advisors, Dr. Tom Smith, at Brigham Young University.

What is it like to work in extreme arctic weather? Wesley's most recent blog post takes you there.  



Thermostat Challenge

This month, we're giving a special high five

to each and every one of you

for joining us in taking action on

International Polar Bear Day,

from our Arctic Ambassador Centers

to members around the world. 


You turned down your thermostats,

insulated your homes, and even

added solar panels in honor of the bears.

Your commitment to change is truly inspiring--

and we can't thank you enough!

You can view photos in our gallery

or submit your own.

Earth Hour

 "I will if you will."


PBI senior scientist Dr. Steven C. Amstrup

joined Earth Hour CEO and co-founder

Andy Ridley on the shores of Hudson Bay

last fall during the polar bear migration.


Will you take their challenge and power down?

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Polar Bears in the Wild West?


Livin Large

Saddle up and join us at the University of Wyoming

April 9th for our Spring Tundra Connections program!

You'll meet polar bear scientists studying polar bear feast and fasting cycles, movement patterns, and other fascinating topics, and have the unique opportunity of getting answers to your questions from qualified professionals in real time.
We've scheduled three live webcasts, each with a different focus and target audience:

Polar Bear Tracker, Livin' Large Like a Polar Bear (just for kids!), and Feast to Famine.


Learn more about times and age groups here, then register and start thinking of questions.

Save Our Sea Ice!


Our favorite day, International Polar Bear Day, came and went on February 27th--and we're encouraged that so many of you took our Thermostat Challenge 


joining us in making every day a Polar Bear Day through your carbon-reduction actions.


The Thermostat Challenge was the kick-off event of our Save Our Sea Ice (SOS!) campaign, a series of Earth Awareness Celebrations focused on creating energy-saving habits--simple habits that can help polar bears.


What's next on the SOS! calendar? Earth Hour on March 23rd. Join us in turning off the lights at 8:30 p.m. local time and then Power Down in a long-lasting commitment to reduce energy, making every hour an Earth Hour.


And don't forget! Share photos of your actions in our My Planet, My Part gallery--inspiring others to join you in the momentum for change.

Guest Post: The Aurora & its
Fantastic Indigenous Interpretations

By Moki Kokoris

Aurora Borealis

Although relatively few of us have had the privilege of watching the shimmering curtains of light sweep across dark polar skies, we all know that there is something quite mystifying about the aurora. Throughout the ages, people have wondered where it comes from, what makes its veils dance and swirl, and what its meaning could be."    |more 

Kid Power Multiplied
Polar Power

Wow! And double wow!!!


Once again, the young people competing in our Project Polar Bear Contest

galvanized their communities through their passion and creativity in reducing CO2.
This year's winners in our three categories are:


Great White Bears: The Ice, Ice Savers 

Subadults: Team Impact

Cubs: The Purple Polar Bears

Cubs Runner-up: Team Ice Cold


Join us in celebrating these amazing kids by reading about their projects, watching our special broadcast and viewing their photos. Registration for next year's competition opens in the fall. 


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 Conservation through research,

education, and action. 



 Livin Large, Aurora Borealis, and Adoption Bear,

Daniel J. Cox/;

Wesley Larson, BJ Kirschhoffer

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