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December 2012
Back on the Ice
The Winners Are . . .
Guest Post: The Freeze
Kid Power!


Christmas Lights  

This year, consider a gift with generous helpings of kindness: A donation or adoption in honor of a loved one. 


It's a great way to reduce consumption and make a gift to your loved ones and polar bears all at once!



Share photos and videos

of how you're greening your holidays

in our My Planet, My Part Gallery

and become inspired

by what others are doing.


Each week we'll award a polar bear

adoption kit to the best entry. 


Canada Goose

Have you discovered Canada Goose's expanded PBI collection in our gift shop? CG Product

Canada Goose is a long-time friend to PBI, supporting our efforts at the Platinum Level and donating extreme weather gear for use by our scientists and team members in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.

A portion of each sale goes directly towards polar bear conservation by supporting PBI's programs.


Kt Miller


Throughout the Churchill season, volunteer Kt Miller was up with the birds and still up for the Northern Lights, ready and willing to pitch in wherever she could.


She made managed the drivers of the polar bear cam. Posted social media content. Made beds. Washed dishes. And helped our Tundra Connections program run smoothly.

Way to go, Kt, you rock!

12 Ways To Use Less

 Have you seen the 

12 Ways to Use Less--Siku's take

on the 12 Days of Christmas?

A fun way to ring in the holidays,

and you'll never forget these

twelve ways to live green! 

Pin December 2012

Our new favorite pin says it all--a gentle reminder to keep it simple!

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Back on the Ice


The Western Hudson Bay polar bears caught a lucky break this year, with the sea ice forming by the third week of November, a marked improvement over recent years.
Bear on the Ice


But while the bears reaped the benefits of the earlier freeze-up, climate change talks in Doha wrapped up with very little progress, making it increasingly clear that if governments won't act, we must. Because one good year won't matter in the long run if we don't take action on climate change.


As the year draws to a close and a new one looms, we're thankful for the part you play in building momentum for change--and we're heartened by your support. Together, we can make a difference. And with your help, we will.


For more on this year's freeze-up, scientist Andrew Derocher has shared an insightful blog post

And the Winners Are . . .


After viewing the the entries in our Polar Bear Ambassador Contest, we're convinced that momentum for action on climate change MPMP Winners is truly taking place at a grassroots level!


From the many inspiring entries submitted, our judges narrowed the winners down to the following community change agents and emerging ambassadors:


Ages 14-18

Grand Prize: Sparta High Earth Club for their ongoing efforts at school and in the community to reduce, recycle, and raise awareness

Second Place: Alana Krug-MacLeod for her uplifting video, Polar Power, on her personal and community efforts to go green

Third Place: Ahira Medalla for The Little Things, an upbeat take on how each of us can make a difference


Ages 19+

Grand Prize: Marie Baer for her creative and inspiring video, Reducing My Carbon Footprint

Second Place: Aleksandra Wolanin for Let's Go Green, a yes, we can look at the ease of  living green

Third Place: Karen Meeker Biddinger-Ogen for her Classroom Eco-challenge


In case you missed seeing the submissions in our My Planet, Part Gallery, we've archived them on our Flickr page and YouTube channel.   |more

Guest Post: The Freeze 

By Valerie Abbott

Valerie Abbott Blog


This is part three of a three-part series by a Polar Bear Cam operator. Get the rest of the story with parts one and two.


It's one of those questions that stays in the back of your mind: When will the freeze come? In your heart, you want it to come early so the bears can hunt seals again, but there's that selfish part that wants the bears to be there, just one more day. Just one more day to let me find some bears!   |more 

Kid Power!

Purple Polar Bears. Mustache Ninjas. Carbon Crushers.


From their team names to their project ideas, this year's Project Polar Bear teams are truly tapping into their creativity to reach towards a cleaner, greener future.

PPB 2012

This year, more than 50 teams across the U.S. and Canada signed up, competing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring about community change. You can meet these terrific kids and learn about their projects here:

Stop by the Project Polar Bear forum on our My Planet, My Part community gathering place to see what they're up to . . . and to share a little holiday cheer.


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Guest Post, Valerie Abbott;

Bear on the Ice, Daniel J. Cox/NaturalExposures.com;

Kt Miller, Courtesy of Kt Miller.


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