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January Newsletter | 2012
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Student Accident and Injuries Awareness Month

Customer Spotlight: Cleveland Independent School District

Spotlight: Student Injuries

Customer Spotlight: Vandalia-Butler City Schools


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Testimonial of the Month

“The system walks us through what we need to do. Sometimes we get caught up in the instant and forget some steps. The system prompts us to do everything we need to do including notifying the parent by email or telephone and we have records,”

Chuck Stewart

Former Business Manager of Vandalia-Butler City Schools, and user of PublicSchoolWORKS’ StudentWatch

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Student Accident and Injuries Awareness Month

Student safety is of the utmost importance to educators, parents and PublicSchoolWORKS. Promoting a culture of safety in schools not only provides a sense of security for students and staff, it also creates a more effective learning environment.

PublicSchoolWORKS offers numerous systems to address district concerns about student safety. The StudentWatch Suite includes online and telephone systems for students to report bullying and other safety concerns: a student accident management system that allows districts to report student accidents, track them to resolution and review trend data to better recognize and fix issues: and a behavior management system to address student discipline incidents.

PublicSchoolWORKS’ EmployeeSafe Suite also promotes the importance of student safety. EmployeeSafe features an online staff training system with an entire Student Safety Wellness & Social Responsibilities catalog that helps inform staff of the signs of various student safety concerns. This catalog includes courses such as Bullying Prevention, Child Abuse Prevention, Depression in Students and Self Injury and Suicide Prevention.

To learn more about how your district can improve student safety efforts, email


Cleveland Independent School District

Cleveland Independent School District (ISD) in Cleveland, TX was experiencing some issues concerning student safety. In order to properly handle the situation and prevent incidents from reoccurring in the future, Cleveland ISD implemented PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program (SBVPP) and the EmployeeSafe Suite for the 2012-2013 school year.

The SBVPP provides students and parents with mechanisms to anonymously report incidents of bullying and student violence. Both the online and telephone reporting mechanisms automatically alert the designated administrators when a report is filed and prompts them as to the proper actions needed to track incidents through to resolution. The system also allows Cleveland ISD to assess which types of student safety issues are occurring in order to properly intervene and prevent the situation from occurring again.

The district uses the EmployeeSafe Suite to provide their staff with online training in order to equip them with the skills to handle these bullying and student violence incidents. The Cleveland ISD staff was educated on key issues such as suicide prevention and depression in students. The system also automatically reminds staff members of training deadlines and alerts the designated administrator when staff members do not complete training.

Both the SBVPP and the EmployeeSafe Suite are helping solve the student safety issues Cleveland ISD was experiencing and is continuing to promote a culture of safety within the district.

To learn more about how Cleveland ISD used the SBVPP and EmployeeSafe Suites to improve student and staff safety, click here. To learn more about how your district can use these systems, email


Student Injuries

A recent article on an Austin-area news website reported that two elementary schools had issues in their school cafeterias when glass panels commonly referred to as “sneeze guards” shattered. In one instance a student was allegedly injured by glass shards from the breaking glass.

The school district, in a news release, stated that no students were harmed by the accident, but the student’s father said his son came home with lacerations. He also claimed that his son pulled a piece of glass out of his mouth while eating his lunch, and showed a cafeteria worker, but it was not stated whether the incident was reported. To read more about the cafeteria incident, click here.

In this situation, if the district had PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Accident Reporting System, the cafeteria worker could have filed a comprehensive, online accident report recording exactly what happened, including which students were involved and the extent of their injuries (regardless of how minor they were), the time of the incident, as well as if there were any witnesses. The system would then immediately notify the designated site-level and/or district-level administrators prompting them with steps to take to ensure that the incident is handled properly mandates.

The Student Accident Reporting System ensures that all student accidents are handled correctly and promptly, allowing for quicker and more effective solutions to be enacted. Without the Student Accident Reporting System, there may be discrepancies about the nature of the incident or the students’ injuries, resulting in ineffective investigations or potential legal concerns.

To learn more about how your district can use the Student Accident Reporting System, email

Have you ever dealt with a student injury? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter via @PSWORKS.


Vandalia-Butler City Schools

Vandalia-Butler City Schools in Vandalia, OH, was tracking all of their student accidents using a standard paper and pen process. This task fell on former Business Manager Chuck Stewart, who was also responsible for evaluating this data to prevent similar accidents from reoccurring. As the business manager, Stewart had the responsibility of managing student accidents which previously required that he chase down faculty and staff in the six buildings in order to get vital information and initiate preventative measures. The process was time-consuming and inefficient.

To remedy the situation, Vandalia-Butler implemented PublicSchoolWORKS’ StudentWatch Suite for their student accident reporting. With the StudentWatch Suite, student accidents are dealt with immediately through the automated web-based system. When an incident occurs, a staff or faculty member goes online and files a student accident report, detailing the extent of the accident, as well as the student’s information and any witness details. Once the report is submitted, StudentWatch automatically notifies the designated site-level and/or district-level administrators prompting them with steps to take to manage the accident from beginning reporting to resolution. This guarantees that incidents are handled appropriately and timely.

The StudentWatch Suite also allows administrators to easily pull accident reports for review and appropriate action. By using the accident reporting module, Stewart evaluated the nature of the incidents and where they occured in order to make the appropriate prevention plans to avert reoccurring accidents.

To find out more about how Vandalia Butler City Schools uses PublicSchoolWORKS for student safety, click here. To learn about how your district can use the StudentWatch Suite, email