The August 15th deadline for making hotel reservations is upon us.  Don't miss the boat for the CSBC Symposium on September 23rd to the 25th.  Join colleagues from across Canada and around the world in making this year's Symposium the best ever.


And this just in - joining the Symposium for a keynote luncheon address is Greg Spooner. Since his 2006 record-breaking row across the north Atlantic Ocean, Greg has kept adventure in his veins. He will tell the story of the recent Africa to Americas rowing expedition that ended in a near-tragic capsize within 900 nautical miles of completion. He believes the work of the CSBC is vital, as sound preparation saved the lives of the capsized rowers.


For details on the Symposium and registration, visit the CSBC website at


We look forward to seeing you in Whistler!   

Sign up today to show the support and commitment of your organization for 'normalizing' lifejacket wear.


We know that wearing lifejackets saves lives - we estimate that 100 lives a year could be saved in Canada if people always wore their lifejacket when boating. But many boaters don't. The CSBC recently signed an International Lifejacket Wear Principles Agreement aimed at encouraging lifejacket wear. Click here for full press release. The CSBC and the other international signatories, from Australia, France, the U.K. and New Zealand, are now reaching out to other organizations to be part of this effort. The U.S. National Safe Boating Council is the most recent signatory as a safety partner. The Australian Recreational Boating Safety Committee is hosting an international website where you can show your support. If your organization is committed to boating safety, why not go to and sign up as a supporting partner? It is free, and will showcase your organization's commitment to boating safety.


Together, we can make a difference!