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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Arc Flash
Safety is always a priority for plant managers, with the threat of arc flash weighing heavily on their minds. Here are the top 5 articles you need to read to help prevent arc flash and ensure the electrical safety of your plant. READ MORE

Solar Impulse Plane Lands in Spain After Trans-Atlantic Flight
Solar Impulse 2, the experimental solar plane that has been touted as a "flying microgrid" has crossed the Atlantic without a drop of fuel. Flying into the southern Spanish city of Seville as the sun rose behind him, pilot Betrand Piccard was flanked by an honor guard from the Spanish formation flying team Patrulla Aguila, according to a CNN report. READ MORE

Electricity Basics: Resistance, Inductance & Capacitance  
Electronic circuits are integral parts of nearly all of the technological advancement in our lives today. Television, radio, phones and computers immediately come to mind, but electronics are also used in automobiles, kitchen appliances, medical equipment and industrial controls. At the heart of these devices are semiconductors - transistors, diodes and triodes. However, these devices could not function without much simpler components that predate semiconductors by many decades. These include resistors, capacitors and inductors. READ MORE

Do's and Don'ts when Measuring Insulation Resistance of a Transformer
This test is performed at or above rated voltage to determine if there are low resistance paths to ground or between winding to winding as a result of winding insulation deterioration. The test measurement values are affected by variables such as temperature, humidity, test voltage, and size of transformer. READ MORE
Electrical Safety Training: What Could Go Wrong?
Performing electrical work without being properly trained can be deadly. I have seen this hold true during numerous investigations. READ MORE
How Good is Good Enough?
What does the concept of "good enough" mean to you? For many people, it means doing mediocre work that they know isn't good. But they say it's good enough. When you say your work is good enough, do you mean you reached a level of work equity you can be proud of? If not, you're using "good enough" as an excuse rather than a performance metric. READ MORE

Leveraging Social Media Can Seriously Boost Your Business
I've been in the electrical trade for over 17 years. I've worked as a helper, a journeyman, a service manager and a marketing director. While a lot has changed since I first picked up a screwdriver on one of my step-dad's side jobs, one thing has stayed the same: the way that electrical contractors market their business. READ MORE

Oregon Breakers Celebrates 20 Years of Business
On Wednesday, May 25, Stephen and Dj Reames, owners of Oregon Breakers, held a 20th Anniversary and Customer Appreciation Day. It was their first open house at their new facilities in Tualatin, Oregon.
Over the course of the day, over 200 guests came through to enjoy two separate events; a lunch for the daytime crowd and a "for adults" event in the early evening. Intrepid reporters David and Angie Rosenfield were on hand to observe the event.
Two artisan food trucks served tasty barbecue and epicurean sandwiches with Kambucha to wash it down, while in the evening, local wine, brews and homemade hot buffet items made for way too much to eat for those who might have stayed for both events.
The shop, warehouse, shipping areas, customer greeting area and office facilities looked brand new and work proceeded throughout the day with customers coming by for their orders. It was a very impressive facility and a very nice time.

Congratulations to Oregon Breakers and much luck for continued success!

National Field Services Wins Safety Awards
National Field Services, a NETA-accredited electrical equipment testing and maintenance company, has been honored by the Safety Council of East Texas in the Annual Awards Luncheon in five different categories. READ MORE

PEARL Seeking Volunteer Member Support for Various Committees
The PEARL board of directors has been working to reorganize its efforts to accomplish its many goals, and one way the organization is doing this is by implementing more functional committees. Currently, five committees have been identified which will cover most of PEARL's initiatives: Conference Planning Committee, Marketing Committee, Membership Committee, Standards Committee, and the Technician Certification Committee. To review each committee's charter, click on the hyperlinks above. PEARL needs you to help fill these committees and to move our priorities forward. If you or an employee might be interested in learning more, please contact PEARL at or 877-287-3275.

July PEARL Board Meeting Scheduled for July 5
The PEARL Board of Directors welcomes you to join the June board meeting, Tuesday, July 5 1pm-2:30pm EST. To join the call, please use the call-in details below. To receive the agenda and additional materials being reviewed, please email PEARL headquarters at to be included.

Dial: 866-210-1669
Participant Code: 936-3604#

Save the Date for the 2017 Annual Conference

The 2016 Conference wrapped up a little over a month ago, but planning for 2017 is well underway! Save the date for April 6-9, 2017, as PEARL heads to Newport Beach, California! Sponsorship and exhibit details, hotel information, and schedule of events are forthcoming.
June 2016,  Vol. 84


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NECA 2016 Show
October 7-10, 2016
Boston, MA

Big R/ReMaTecUSA Show
October 29-30, 2016
Las Vegas, NV
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