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How to Use NFPA 70, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance  
NFPA 70B is a recommended practice that is used for preventive maintenance of electrical equipment. It was first published in 1968 for such purpose. It was decided at that time it was not published to duplicate or supersede instructions that are provided by manufactures of such equipment. READ MORE

Is it Time to Re-Examine Your e-Commerce Strategy?
My inspiration for this column came completely by accident. I stumbled on some e-commerce research that I thought was spot-on when it comes to what needs to be accomplished. It came from Oracle as a "survey to help B2B e-commerce professionals benchmark their upcoming plans and strategies against those of their peers at similar organizations." That alone had me interested. READ MORE

World's Thinnest Light Bulb Created from Graphene
Graphene, a form of carbon famous for being stronger than steel and more conductive than copper, can add another wonder to the list: making light.
"Remanufacturing and the Circular Economy" - Podcast by Dr. Nabil Nasr
Dr. Nabil Nasr, one of RIC's founding members, is interviewed in a podcast series by Colin Webster for his newly published book, "A New Dynamic 2: Effective systems in a circular economy". Dr. Nasr co-authors this book and shares insights on remanufacturing and helps define it. CLICK TO LISTEN

MV Network Design Book with Exercises and Answers
MV Network Design Book, prepared by Schneider Electric gives a great technical knowledge of MV network design and correct devices selection intended for medium voltage equipment and network designersThis guide helps you to carry out the various calculations required to define and determine network characteristics, substation equipment dimensions and provides useful information enabling you to design your MV switchboard and other substation devices. READ MORE

Tesla vs. Edison in New Video Game
War of the Currents is a one-of-a-kind custom arcade game created by Real Art, pitting Nikola Tesla against Thomas Edison. Proto Buildbar, a 3d printing and digital services cafe in Dayton, Ohio, unveiled the new game at South by Southwest this March. READ MORE

PEARL Offers First Technician Training Workshop
At this year's annual conference in Austin, Texas, PEARL worked with Steve Newton, Training Program Manager at National Field Services' National Training Center, to provide a full-day workshop designed for the PEARL Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Level I Certification Exam. The training covered a review of the safety requirements detailed in the PEARL practical analysis for level I and II and technical information required by the analysis including hardware and fasteners, metal and metal corrosion, math, and many other topics. The session, which was recorded and planned to be used for future training, was a huge success and participants saw great value in the workshop. Of the two participants who participated in the workshop and took the exam onsite, both passed.

PEARL Seeking Volunteer Member Support for Various Committees
The PEARL board of directors has been working to reorganize its efforts to accomplish its many goals, and one way the organization is doing this is by implementing more functional committees. Currently, five committees have been identified which will cover most of PEARL's initiatives: Conference Planning Committee, Marketing Committee, Membership Committee, Standards Committee, and the Technician Certification Committee. To review each committee's charter, click on the hyperlinks above. PEARL needs you to help fill these committees and to move our priorities forward. If you or an employee might be interested in learning more, please contact PEARL at or 877-287-3275.

May PEARL Board Meeting Scheduled for May 3
The PEARL Board of Directors welcomes you to join the May board meeting, Tuesday, May 3, 1pm-2:30pm EST. To join the call, please use the call-in details below. To receive the agenda and additional materials being reviewed, please email PEARL headquarters at to be included.

Dial: 866-210-1669
Participant Code: 936-3604#

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National Field Services Announces Official Opening of Houston Location
National Field Services, a NETA-accredited electrical equipment testing and maintenance company, announced today the official opening of its Houston-area location at 1890 Texas 35 Bypass in Alvin, Texas. The opening follows the announcement in 2015 of the company's expansion from its Lewisville, Texas, headquarters into the new markets of Central Texas and the Gulf Coast.

The new facility is 13,700 square feet and houses the Gulf Coast branch of National Field Services' team of field engineers and certified technicians who provide power system analysis, commissioning services, reliability testing, preventative maintenance and disaster recovery operations. READ MORE
Another Great Year of Education, Networking, and Fun!

2016 marked another great year for PEARL's annual conference & exhibition! In addition to the great educational sessions offered every year, PEARL introduced a spouse/guest program, two highly-rated preconference workshops, and local tours and events in Austin. If you weren't able to attend, our presentation handouts have been posted to the PEARL Links webpage, as have pictures that were taken throughout the conference.

And save the date for the 2017 conference in Newport Beach, CA, taking place April 6-9, 2017!
Apr. 2016,  Vol. 83



RIC Webinar: Leveraging Sustainable Remanufacturing Solutions In Today's Marketplace
May 4, 2016, 4:00pm ET (rescheduled date)
Email to register and for more information.

NAED National Meeting
May 11-14, 2016
Washington, DC
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PEARL is now accepting applications for Level 1 Technician Certification. For more information, click here, or contact
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