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18 Initial Checks of Electrical Installations Every Electrician MUST Perform 
Before any testing of low voltage electrical installations (and equipment) is carried out, a detailed physical inspection must be made to ensure that everything is: To a relevant National or Harmonized European Standard; Erected/installed in compliance with the IEE Regulations; and Not damaged in such a way that it could cause danger. In order to comply with these requirements, the Regulations give a checklist of items that, where relevant, should be inspected. However, before such an inspection, and test for that matter, is carried out, certain information must be available to the verifier. READ MORE

New RIC Executive Director Named
The Remanufacturing Industries Council is pleased to announce Joseph W. Allen as its new Executive Director. Mr. Allen brings a unique skill set to RIC with over 30 years of experience in remanufacturing, government affairs, and policy advocacy at the State, Federal, and International levels. READ MORE

Electrical Testing: Low Resistance Measurement Tips
Low resistance measurement is an invaluable diagnostic aid in a wide variety of applications and most of the time, it's fast and easy to carry out. There are a few pitfalls, however, that often result in calls to Megger's technical support team. Here are some of the questions team is regularly asked
Total Electricity Sales Fell in 2015 for 5th Time in Past 8 Years
Total electricity sales in 2015 fell 1.1% from the previous year, marking the fifth time in the past eight years that electricity sales have fallen. The flattening of total electricity sales reflects declining sales in the industrial sector and little or no growth in sales to the residential and commercial building sectors, despite growth in the number of households and growth in commercial building space. READ MORE

What is Electric Current?
Electric current is electric charge in motion. It can take the form of a sudden discharge of static electricity, such as a lightning bolt or a spark between your finger and a ground light switch plate. More commonly, though, when we speak of electric current, we mean the more controlled form of electricity from generators, batteries, solar cells or fuel cells. READ MORE

Fire Safety Tips: Electrical Burns
Thermal burns, caused by contact with heat, flames or steam are not the only type of burns that can cause injuries. Strong electrical currents can cause burns by passing through the body. These electrical burns may appear to be minor on the surface of the skin, but the damage from the current can cause extensive internal damage below the skin. READ MORE

The Basics of Molded Case Circuit Breakers You MUST Know
Molded case circuit breakers are interrupting devices with self-contained, current-responsive elements. These breakers are assembled as an integral unit in a supported and enclosed housing of insulating material. READ MORE

PEARL Begins Rebranding Efforts 
PEARL, in collaboration with the Kellen Company, its management partner, have begun efforts to rebrand the organization, beginning with identifying target audiences and going through SWOT analysis. This information will help PEARL better segment itself in the industry, attract new members and interested parties, and better you! Much is to come from this rebranding, so stay tuned!

April PEARL Board Meeting Scheduled for April 5
The PEARL Board of Directors welcomes you to join the April board meeting, Tuesday, April 5, 1pm-2:30pm EST. To join the call, please use the call-in details below. To receive the agenda and additional materials being reviewed, please email PEARL headquarters at [email protected] to be included.

Dial: 866-210-1669
Participant Code: 936-3604#


Last Chance to Save $100 on Your Conference Registration!

The early bird registration deadline for the 19th Annual Electrical Safety, Reliability and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition in Austin, Texas has been extended, but only for a short time longer! Save up to $100 on your conference registration, and save more money when two or more people from the same company register together. To learn more and to register, click here.
Mar. 2016,  Vol. 82



RIC Webinar: Leveraging Sustainable Remanufacturing Solutions In Today's Marketplace
April 20, 2016, 4:00pm EST
Email [email protected] to register and for more information.

NAED National Meeting
May 11-14, 2016
Washington, DC
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