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Understand the Dangers of Electrical Shock 
Two good sources for those seeking to understand the dangers of electrical shock are OSHA1 and NIOSH. Electricity is one of the most common causes of fires and thermal burns in homes and workplaces. 
The Design Basics of Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
Application-specific variations of the motor protection circuit breaker (MPCB), these breakers combine the short-circuit and isolation functionality of the MCCB with the motor overcurrent protection of a traditional overload relay. MPCBs are UL 489 Listed as circuit breakers and verified as motor overload relays. READ MORE

Ohm's Law...the Relationship Between Voltage, Current and Resistance
George Simon Ohm discovered the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance in an electric circuit in 1826. He found, by experiment, that pressure equaled the product of current and resistance; this relationship is referred to as Ohm's Law. This law is the practical basis on which most electrical calculations are determined. READ MORE

PEARL Wishes You Happy Holidays! 
PEARL wishes you and your family a happy and safe holiday season! May you be fortunate enough to spend it with family and friends. We are thankful for your continued support. Best wishes to you kicking off this holiday season!

The 2016 PEARL$AFE Advertising Options are Available!
The PEARL$AFE advertising kit is now available for 2016. PEARL$AFE is PEARL's monthly newsletter that brings to you remanufacturing industry happenings, educational articles, and updates on PEARL. Reaching over 11,000 individuals, this is a premier outlet to advertise your company and offerings. Review the kit and see how you would like to participate!

PEARL Inspect & Test Standards, Version 4 Available for Purchase
The latest version of the PEARL Inspect & Test Standards have been finalized and approved by the board of directors. Members may now purchase PDF version 4 by contacting PEARL headquarters at or by calling 877-AT-PEARL. The standard is $195 and is available to PEARL members only.

2015 Marks a Great Year for the PEARL Technician Certification Program
This year, the PEARL Technician Certification Program saw a healthy growth in the number of participants and certified technicians who successfully completed Level 1. Since January, the program has received applications from 56 technicians, 37 of which have successfully completed the exam. Congratulations to our technicians!

Interested in having your technicians becoming certified in 2016? Visit the certification website today!

2016 Keynote Speaker Announced

This year, PEARL is proud to announce that Dave Huffman, President of Power Systems Testing Company and President of NETA, will be delivering the keynote address at the 19th Annual Electrical Safety, Reliability and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition. Mr. Huffman's talk is titled "Electrical Testing Procedures: An Introduction to the ANSI/NETA Test Specifications," and will plan to cover common testing procedures and give background on where they come from. His presentation will kick-off the Conference on Saturday, April 16, 2016, from 9:15-10:15am. 

The 19th Annual Conference will be taking place in Austin, Texas at the Radisson Hotel & Suites Austin Downtown, April 14-17, 2016.
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NAW 2016 Executive Summit

January 26-28, 2016

Washington, D.C.

More information


PowerTest 2016

March 14-16, 2016

Fort Worth, TX

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