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Explaining the World of Remanufactured Parts
Remanufactured parts are a $7 billion business at retail, which has been growing steadily over the past 30 years as fleets look for reliable, cost-effective alternatives to buying new. "We see the numbers creeping up a little bit each year, " says Betsy Ballard, Director of Product Development and Growth, Detroit Manufacturing. "It is getting more acceptable to customers. It is a growth industry, and we had our biggest year ever last year." ....

A Systematic Approach   to AC Motor Repair
The only national standard for repair of motors and generators is ANSI/EASA AR100-2010: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus (AR100). It provides best practices for mechanical repair, electrical repair including rewinding, and testing that help apparatus rebuilders maintain or enhance the performance, reliability, and energy efficiency of ac and dc motors and generators.....READ MORE


Dr. Nabil Nasr Selected for Funding in National Competition to Develop Road Map for  the Remanufacturing Industry
Dr. Nabil Nasr, a speaker at this year's PEARL Conference, had a proposal selected for funding in a national competition by the U.S. government to develop a road map for the remanufacturing industry. This award is the first step to seek support from the government to develop the road map execution and the industry agenda. There are currently hundreds of millions of dollars in other industry sector programs, so it is Dr. Nasr's hope that the remanufacturing industry will receive the same recognition to address the future needs of the industry. Being selected for this grant also proves that the government sees the remanufacturing industry as a critical industry with significant potential to support the U.S. economy..... READ THE SELECTED ABSTRACT 


The Beginning of an Industry 
An article by Doug Powell, PEARL President

It is widely believed that our electrical power system is exposed to terrorist attack, cyber-attack, and EMP electromagnic pulse. Our industry is the "first responder" when disaster strikes. We provide millions of square feet of electrical equipment storage securely in hundreds of warehouse located in hundreds of cities throughout the country, with electrical equipment ready to ship within days or hours when needed. 

The electrical surplus equipment market is a major contributor to the speed at which we are able to get our electrical power grid and major industrial infrastructures up and running so quickly after a natural disaster. PEARL, its members, and the industry in general, offers high speed solutions for utility,  industrial and commercial users of electrical equipment during major equipment failures as well and offering valuable solutions to utilities, industrial and commercial users of electrical equipment when maintaining and updating the reliability of their power distribution systems....READ MORE

The 2015 PEARL Annual Conference was a great success on so many levels! The final registration for the meeting was record breaking, with 147 in attendance. There were also 20 exhibitors this year, considerably more than in the past.

Our thanks go out to Utility Relay for providing a special training session, a plant tour, reception and dinner, and excellent entertainment! A special thank you also goes out to North American Switchgear for their support in providing the technician training classes with their plant, as well as an excellent tour, dinner and reception, and entertainment. Both organizations were instrumental in helping PEARL achieve record breaking attendance. Thank you to both organizations!

We encourage you to visit our conference photo gallery for a glimpse of this year's activities. More photos to come! If you were not able to attend, you will not want to miss next year in Austin, Texas! Watch the PEARL website for details to be posted soon.
May 2015, Vol. 74


The Beginning of an Industry

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