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Survey: Better Training Needed to Report Electrical Counterfeits 

Results of the 2014 Counterfeit Electrical Products Survey show that counterfeits continue to plague the industry but remain underreported. Despite 96 percent of respondents believing that counterfeit products pose at least a moderate threat to public safety, only half alerted someone upon discovery. What's more, 55 percent say their company does not provide adequate training about falsified electrical products...READ MORE  

Partial Discharge Testing Offers Critical Data for Predictive Maintenance 
A predictive maintenance program that incorporates partial discharge testing of electrical equipment can help companies identify problems before they lead to irreversible damage. Both offline and online surveys are necessary to gather important data related to current condition and overall health, as well as predictions of likely failure...READ MORE

Judge Dismisses Electrical Distributor Non-compete Suit
A judge has ruled in favor of three men accused of violating their non-compete agreement with electrical distributor Irby after they went to work for a competitor. The judge determined that a non-compete agreement prohibiting ordinary competition isn't enforceable and ordered Irby to pay $200,000 for the defendants' legal expenses...READ MORE 
For Effective Leadership, Always Engage Employees
When it comes to being a successful leader, the simplest actions lead to the best results. Create a stronger bond with your workers through a variety of initiatives, including having frequent conversations and writing a thank you note to a hard-working team member...READ MORE

PEARL Meets with NEMA to Participate in Codes and Standards Task Force on Refurbishing Electrical Products 
Several members of PEARL's Board of Directors recently traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with representatives of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to discuss PEARL's mission and standards activities. NEMA representatives invited PEARL to nominate a delegate to further contribute to the new Codes and Standards Task Force's positioning work on refurbishing electrical products...READ MORE 



ROMAC Founder Phil Rosenfield Passes Away
Phillip "Phil" Rosenfield passed away at 90 on June 26, 2014. He was the founder of ROMAC (ROsenfield MAChinery) Supply Company, one of the early electrical equipment recyclers to return out-of-service equipment back to safe condition for reuse. In addition to founding numerous companies, Rosenfield assisted many others getting into their own businesses...READ MORE

South East Switchgear Upgrades to PEARL Full Member
PEARL congratulates South East Switchgear, which has recently completed its site inspection and upgraded to Full Member status.

Shermco Acquires Magna Electric Corporation
Shermco Industries has completed its acquisition of Saskatchewan-based Magna Electric Corporation (MEC). The transaction allows Shermco to address the rapidly growing markets in Canada and the U.S. for electrical services to pipelines, refineries, alternative energy, and other sectors... READ MORE
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