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How to Prep a Motor Coming Out of Storage
When it comes to storing motors, short-term and long-term solutions have different requirements. However, placing motors back into service is just 
as important as how they are stored. Learn 10 best practices to ensure motor operability, such as removing excess grease and inspecting bearings for vibration damage...READ MORE 

Planned Maintenance of Electrical Distribution Systems Improves Safety
Neglecting the maintenance of electrical equipment increases safety and property risks. Unfortunately, unlike your car, circuit breakers don't come with a "check engine" light so they can't tell you when something fails. However, with a little thought and planning for maintenance, along with good maintenance resources, you can greatly reduce or eliminate electrical system failures...READ MORE

Forced to Drop Prices to Compete with Online Shopping?
TED magazine reported recently that 70% of distributors are now forced to drop prices in order to compete with contractors shopping online for items they normally would buy through distributors. The magazine subsequently interviewed an electrical contractor to ask about how he currently buys his products, how distributors can compete, and if it is true some contractors can't or won't invest in technology...READ MORE 
Circuit Breakers and Fuses Demand to Reach $15.9 Billion in 2019
Transparency Market Research's report is the culmination of research intended to analyze and provide growth forecast for the circuit breaker and fuse markets. Lack of adequate power infrastructure and increasing demand for reliable electricity delivery are the major driving forces of this market. The report "Circuit Breakers and Fuses Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2013-2019" is available online...READ MORE

PEARL Now Accepting Level I Certification Applications Through Technician Certification Program Portal

PEARL recently announced it is accepting applications for electrical reconditioning technician Level I certification through its newly launched PEARL Technician Certification Program portal. In addition to the application, the online portal offers information on the certification levels, eligibility requirements, a program handbook, and sample exam questions. Applications are currently being accepted at


ROMAC Builds New Line of UL-Listed Mini Switchgear

ROMAC subsidiary Power Controls, Inc. (PCI) has designed and built a new line of 5kv UL-listed switchgear called Mini Gear. The Mini Gear will be custom designed and feature the company's current mini-switch mounted into both single and two-high arrangements, and placed side by side with vertical and horizontal busing...READ MORE
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