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Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standards Revision 6 Now Available
PEARL Releases Revision 6 of Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standards
PEARL recently announced the release of revision 6 of the association's Reconditioning Standards for the most common types of industrial and commercial electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, transformers, motor controls, and switchgear, among other equipment categories. Highlighted changes from revision 6 of PEARL's Reconditioning Standards include additional detail regarding suggested technician qualifications and the importance of manufacturer specifications for equipment performance, as well as expanded use of electrical industry terminology used by other electrical industry organizations, including IEEE and NETA....READ MORE

electrical_newsElectrical News
NEMA Presents New White Paper on Molded Case Circuit Breakers 
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published a white paper developed for industrial and commercial electrical equipment users on how to select and maintain molded case circuit breakers to help reduce downtime, arc-flash hazards, and other problems....READ MORE

Innovative Distributors Are Applying CRM to Meet Business Objectives

Customer relationship management (CRM) has been adopted by more than 60% of distributors, with most of the non-users actively looking for a CRM solution. A CRM system gives companies the ability to manage sales with a process that provides data and metrics to measure success....READ MORE
Videos Offer NAED Technical, Business Tips for Electrical Distributors
The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) has posted a group of six short presentations on application topics relevant to the electrical distribution industry. Subjects include Applying Ohm's Law, Applying The Power Formula, Basic Finance, and Creating Return Customers....READ and WATCH MORE

Schneider Electric Recalls Square D-Brand F and K Frame Circuit Breakers 
Square D brand models FA, FH, FI, and FY one-, two-, and three-pole circuit breakers rated 15 to 100 amps, as well as model KI two- and three-pole circuit breakers rated 110 to 250 amps, have been recalled due to fire hazards. The circuit breakers can fail to trip when an overload occurs, posing the risk of fire, electric shock, and burns....READ MORE. 


AmazonSupply: A Threat to Traditional Electrical Distributors?
The electrical industry is taking note of AmazonSupply's recent announcement of same-day delivery to select markets in a plan that includes an investment in millions in new distribution facilities. Amazon launched AmazonSupply as an online distributor last year and distributes many commercial and industrial products. Although the service has not targeted the electrical market directly, it does carry thousands of electrical products. Is AmazonSupply a threat to traditional electrical distributors?....READ MORE


PEARL Annual Membership Meeting Announced for May 5
The annual meeting of PEARL membership will take place on Monday, May 5, 2014 from 3:15-4:30pm local time, in the Goldwater Room at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa, 8000 S Arizona Grand Parkway, Phoenix, Arizona. General association business and annual election of directors will take place during the meeting. All Full members and Service Organization members in good standing, or their proxy, are able to vote on general business matters and for directors.


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Learn about busbar system stresses and methods of reducing conductor stresses.

179D deduction encourages commercial building owners to make energy-efficiency upgrades.

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pearlcertThe PEARL Certification Committee is in the process of finalizing the PEARL Technician Certification Candidate Handbook. The handbook will include detailed description and profiles of all certification levels, the step-by-step certification process, and criteria for taking the PEARL certification exam. Contact Doug Powell for information.   
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