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Canadian Safety and Maintenance Standards CSA Z462 and Z463 Improve Electrical Workplace 
The Canadian Standards Association's (CSA) Z462 and Z463 standards were created to address electrical maintenance philosophies, including reactive, preventive, predictive, reliability-centered, risk-based and total productive maintenance. For a more detailed look at the standards, click here. PEARL was recently invited to sit on CSA's Technical Committee on Electrical System Maintenance after the decision last year to reference the organization's electrical reconditioning standards in the first edition of CSA's Z463 Electrical Maintenance Guidelines...READ MORE 
Spare Transformer Designed to Restore Post-Disaster Electrical Power Faces Uncertain Fate 
A portable high-voltage transformer called RecX acts as a prototype for a fleet of spare units that could be loaded onto heavy-duty trucks and shipped to locations around the country to help restore electric power quickly after a natural disaster. The prototype, which sits in Houston, is still one of a kind with no consensus from government agencies on how to share costs....READ MORE 
Discover the Benefits of Radiography for Circuit Breaker Maintenance
Radiography is the latest x-ray imaging technology being employed to capture detailed images of a circuit breaker's critical internal components. Utilizing radiography results in shorter outages, lower costs and higher reliability....READ and WATCH MORE  
Faking It: 5 Ways to Identify Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products are purchased each year in Canada, increasing the risk of potentially serious injuries, illnesses or death, according to the CSA Group. CSA offers tips for spotting fraudulent goods....READ MORE   


25 Sales Tips to Keep Electrical Distributors at the Top of Their Game

When shopping for electrical products, customers have more options than ever. But full-line electrical distributors have some distinct sales advantages, including solid knowledge of both their products and markets. These 25 time-tested tips still work in today's increasingly digital world....READ MORE 



Electrical expert Mike Lang will be the keynote speaker at the 2014 PEARL Electrical Safety, Reliability and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition being held May 3-5 at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa in Phoenix. Lang's keynote address, titled "70E and Fuses," will highlight new product developments in the fuse arena. Additional session speakers from The Renaissance Group, The Hayes Group International, National Switchgear, CSA Group and more will speak on industry topics including new product development, strategic planning, leadership management, PEARL technician certification and maintenance of electrical systems.... READ MORE  
Kerry Heid, president of Magna Electric Company, a division of PEARL member Shermco Industries, presented a paper titled "Criticality of Electrical Maintenance Programs and the New CSA Z463" at the IEEE IAS ESTMP Workshop 2014...READ MORE.
Rishi Sudan, president of PEARL member RS Electrical Supply, has had an article published in Electrical Source magazine titled "Why Become PEARL Certified?"...READ MORE.  

Congratulations to National Power Equipment, Inc. on being confirmed an Associate PEARL member in March. More information can be found on the company's website...READ MORE.

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May 3-5, 2014

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa
Phoenix, AZ

Discussion on how to reduce failures/check the consistency in no-volt coils of contactors. 

Circuit breakers recalled due to fire hazard.
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pearlcertThe PEARL Certification Committee is in the process of finalizing the PEARL Technician Certification Candidate Handbook. The handbook will include detailed description and profiles of all certification levels, the step-by-step certification process and criteria for taking the PEARL certification exam. Contact Doug Powell for information.   

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