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Distributors: Get Value, or Go Homeelecnews
The term "value-added" has become a popular refrain when it comes to creating a more successful business. But what does it mean for the electrical distributor? Instead of selling predominantly on price and relationships, become a problem solver for your customers and help them identify ways to improve productivity...READ MORE
Stay a Step Ahead of Counterfeit Problems with Due Diligence   

When it comes to distinguishing a counterfeit electrical product from a legitimate one, the difference can be subtle. As such, quantifying the true cost of counterfeits to the electrical industry has been a difficult task. If a technician suspects a knock-off, it's important to report the findings so that manufacturers and distributors can stay on top of the more


Proper Maintenance Improves VFD Efficiency

Like much electrical equipment, variable frequency drives (VFDs) require a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance plan to extend their output. Strategies to increase productivity include aligning and lubricating all moving parts, ensuring that electrical connections are tightened correctly, and monitoring factors such as temperature and environment...READ MORE


Ground Testing Takes Preparation and the Right Tools

Ground testing is not an intuitive process, making knowledge, preparation, and patience all the more important. There are several testing methods available, though none emerge as a clear favorite because trial and error is common in the process. Learn more about the resources necessary to perform an accurate ground test...READ MORE 


Electrical Safety, Reliability, and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition Comes to 'Valley of the Sun' pearlconf3 

Electrical engineers, technicians, and maintenance professionals will descend on the Valley of the Sun May 3-5 to discuss the latest electrical reconditioning standards, life-extension techniques, and technician certification during the PEARL annual Electrical Safety, Reliability and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition in Phoenix, AZ. The event includes a golf and networking, technical presentations, and a hands-on technical track... read more

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March 3-6, 2014

Denver, CO 


17th Electrical Safety, Reliability and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition

May 3-5, 2014
Arizona Grand Resort & Spa
Phoenix, A

Software for Calculating Electrical Arc in Switchgeararoundweb2
Pressure is calculated under the assumption that it spreads simultaneously and evenly.

Field Inspection and Testing of Medium-Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCCs)
Learn about equipment and installation inspection items, testing requirements, and more.
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The PEARL Certification Committee needs to complete one last round of question reviews to get the Level I certification exam ready for beta testing. Contact Doug Powell for information.


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