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electrical-newsOvercome Myths about How to Dry Wet Motors
For years, there have been two big misconceptions about how to dry wet windings. One mistaken idea is that heating the windings with a welding machine is a good way to dry out an electric motor. The other is that windings should not be dried at oven temps above 180 F...Read more


What Electrical Contractors Want from Distributor Websites 

Although distributor websites have improved a lot over the last few years, electrical contractors often find that product availability does not match what's actually in stock. Learn about ways to improve your online presence and maintain a competitive edge...Read more

Counterfeits Continue to Plague Electrical Market

Anti-counterfeiting efforts have begun to make an impact, but due diligence remains as important as ever in sniffing out fake products in the electrical market. Resources such as the Electrical Safety Foundation International help distributors identify counterfeits - and how to follow up on any suspicions they may have...Read more 


Portable Appliance Testers Open the Door to Global Markets

PATs help identify potential trouble spots in the design, manufacture, and repair of electrical equipment. These devices not only enhance the quality of products but also meet the rigorous testing requirements of European countries, which could present opportunities for a company's worldwide growth...Read more


Pearl News


pearl-achievesPEARL Attains ANSI Accredited Standards Developer Status 
PEARL takes a critical step toward the goal of creating the first ANSI standard for reconditioning of industrial and commercial electrical equipment. ANSI's decision comes nearly two years after PEARL created its first ANSI committee and began the application process to become an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer with the goal of promoting a single set of consensus technical standards for reconditioning electrical equipment used in industrial and commercial installations and accepted by a pool of industry professionals and stakeholders...Read more


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October 7-11, 2013

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May 3-5, 2014
Arizona Grand Resort & Spa
Phoenix, Arizona   
around-web2Motor Calculation Steps by NEC
Determine the motor full load current or FLC using Tables 430.247, 248, 249, or 250.

See a summary of calculation procedures. 

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The PEARL Certification Committee is scheduling its fall meeting. For more information, email Doug Powell.  

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