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Why Getting the Lowest Cost Isn't Always Good for Business
Attaining the lowest cost from a manufacturer may seem like an easy win, but it doesn't necessarily translate into more gross profit dollars because transaction costs stay relatively fixed. Although getting the lowest cost is important, consider doing so in combination with pricing for profit - and educating salespeople on how to do it well. Read more...

Staying One Step Ahead in Electrical Safety
No matter how long electrical personnel have been in the business, it's important to keep updated on safety training. Among important reminders: avoiding hazards by de-energizing equipment before test and repair, ensuring that equipment is safe and up-to-date, and identifying wires correctly. Read more...

Providing Better Protection from Arc-Flash Hazards
Because Table 130.7(c)(15)(a) in the 2012 edition of NFPA 70E, the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, has always been difficult for technicians to use in the field, members of the technical committee are considering splitting the table into two to better protect electrical workers from arc-flash hazards. Plus, Cintas Corporation outlines misconceptions about following NFPA 70E requirements. Read more...

Self-Respect: A Valuable Item in the Sales Toolkit
Successful salespeople have many tools at the ready to close a deal, yet one of the most important - yet sometimes overlooked - ones is respect. Sales professionals who have respect for themselves, for their line of work, and for others will command respect from those around them. Read more...
Seattle Requires Electrical Service Providers to Comply with PEARL Standards
The City of Seattle has become one of the first major metropolitan areas to include electrical reconditioning standards developed by PEARL as a requisite for new electrical testing, assessment, and remanufacturing services. "Seattle's requirement that vendors have PEARL certification reflects the high levels of quality and safety ensured by our electrical reconditioning standards," says Stephen Reames, owner of Oregon Breakers, Inc., and recently elected PEARL president. Read more...

PEARL Membership Value Takes Giant Step Forward
PEARL has recently been approved as an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer, which opens the door for PEARL reconditioning standards to be considered for ANSI accreditation. Look for details in an upcoming issue of the PEARL $afe newsletter.
PEARL Member News 
PEARL congratulates Western Electrical Services, which recently passed its site inspection and is now a Full member.

Western Electrical Services
14311 29th St E
Sumner, WA 98390
phone: (253) 891-1995
fax: (253) 891-1511
Email Address:
Issue: 53
August 2013 
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Seattle Requires Electrical Service Providers to Comply with PEARL Standards
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Update: Level I PEARL Certification Exam
PEARL is moving forward on the first phase of question reviews. We also are looking to complete the Candidate Handbook, which acts as the policy manual for the certification program. To assist in this process, contact Doug Powell.