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Electrical Industry News 
What electrical industry learned from Superstorm Sandy
As the East Coast recovers from this catastrophic storm, the region's electrical industry is a key player in the restoration efforts...Read More

Sizing conductors to NEC code
Article 240 in the National Electrical Code (NEC) provides general requirements for overcurrent protection and overcurrent protective devices. When sizing conductors, the rating of the overcurrent device must be considered...Read More

Electricians increasingly use mobile apps
Read about how electrical contractors, engineers, and plant facility personnel are using mobile apps on the job and in the field...Read More

What the NEC says about sizing overcurrent protection
How to select the correct overcurrent protection for a specific circuit based on the requirements of Art. 240...Read More

Substation retrofits and IEC 61850 standard
The introduction of the IEC 61850 standard marked an unprecedented revolution for the integration and communication needs of substations. Utilities across the world were quick to adopt this standard, enabling high levels of interoperability between devices (even from different manufacturers) and providing an advanced means of communication. Besides its relevance for new installations, many utilities are seeking to introduce the standard to existing substations as part of retrofit work...Read More

2013 PEARL Electrical Safety, Reliability and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition to Feature Latest Market Trends and Industry Advancements   

The conference will highlight a comprehensive range of important topics that includes electrical safety, electrical equipment sustainability, reconditioning electrical equipment, electrical technician training, small business management and leadership, and much more. Running Saturday through Monday, the Electrical Safety, Reliability and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition includes a two-day technician training track on low- and medium-voltage disconnect switch operation, testing, and maintenance in addition to the general sessions...Read More  



Electrical Testing TIPS From PEARL 

Electrical testing TIPS for low-voltage dry-type transformers  

PEARL has created a "how-to" TIPS series for electrical testing of various electrical apparatus and equipment. This installment offers electrical testing tips for PEARL Reconditioning Standard Section 1400 and discusses relevant test equipment, as well as suggested procedures and practices to ensure the quality, safety, and speed of your test-for-reconditioning operations. Tips in this installment include turn-to-turn ratios and how to spot shorts using a DLRO...Read More 

PEARL Technical Committee Progress Updates  
PEARL's Technician Certification Committee has completed the technician profile for all levels 1-4, including defining essential duties for all levels as well as drafting the level 1 technician practice analysis for future certification. At the last meeting, the committee also determined its next direction. Rather than creating practice analyses for levels 2-4 now, it was determined to begin the process of question writing for level 1 testing. This will entail impaneling an entirely new committee of expert technicians. It will also include training of staff in the use of a new test preparation, test administration, and security software.
PEARL's Standards Review Committee met at the end of 2012 and recently completed the review of PEARL Reconditioning Standard section 1200 low-voltage circuit breakers, and has nearly completed review of section 2200, medium-voltage circuit breakers and starters. There are two additional face-to-face committee workshops being scheduled between now and the PEARL conference in May to update the remaining standards.
Finally, in December, PEARL's board of directors, working with PEARL association manager Mark Stone, has filed its application to become an ANSI accredited standards developer as part of the first steps to gaining ANSI recognition of PEARL's Recondition Standards. Anyone interested in assisting these committees should contact Mr. Stone at 
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January 2013 
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