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Electrical Industry News 
U.S. International Trade Commission: Remanufacturing expanding in many U.S. industrial sectors
Remanufacturing is expanding in many industrial sectors in the United States, says the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC). Growing activity supports at least 180,000 jobs ... Read More

Building the sales bench
Are you looking at an aging sales force and wondering how you will replace them as they retire? Are you finding it more difficult to attract and keep good talent? And, most important, do you know how to build a "bench" of talent to step up and take on the challenges of today and tomorrow? ... Read More
PEARL member companies around the United States have sent equipment and technicians to the Northeast following Superstorm Sandy.

Electrical reconditioners help get lights on following Superstorm Sandy

Every hurricane brings a reminder about the importance of electrical service to families, businesses and public works. When the floods and blizzards clear, electrical technicians are among the first in the field to help get the lights back on. And as with most natural disasters, members of the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL) quickly answered the call for assistance after Superstorm Sandy walloped the northeastern United States on Oct. 29...Read More




Electrical Testing TIPS From PEARL 

Electrical testing TIPS for low-voltage switchgear, panelboards and switchboards 

PEARL has created a "how-to" TIPS series for electrical testing of various electrical apparatus and equipment. This installment offers electrical testing tips for PEARL Reconditioning Standard Section 1300, and discusses relevant test equipment as well as suggested procedures and practices to ensure the quality, safety and speed of your test-for-reconditioning operations. Tips in this installment include insulation testing and much more ... Read More 

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