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Distributors don't have to be large to have BIG customer service
Over the next few months, Electrical Wholesaling and Channel Marketing Group of Durham, N.C., will be conducting a series of surveys of EC&M's audience on customer service, online shopping, the impact of distributor marketing campaigns, smartphones and tablet usage, and other key topics. This first installment looks at customer service, the importance of technical knowledge and what that means for customer loyalty...Read More

NICET launches Electrical Power Testing certification program

NICET, the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies, is pleased to announce its newest technician certification program, Electrical Power Testing, is now available...Read More


Are your SF6 breakers healthy?
SF6 gas is an arc-quenching, high-dielectric gas used in circuit protection. Over time, SF6 can become contaminated, reducing its ability to protect equipment and personnel. Learn about the causes of contaminants and moisture that can adversely affect SF6 breakers, as well as vacuum pump methods used to remove contaminants...Read More

ABB develops DC breaker, solves 100-year-old puzzle
ABB has developed the world's first circuit breaker for high-voltage direct current (HVDC). It combines very fast mechanics with power electronics, and will be capable of "interrupting" power flows equivalent to the output of a large power station within 5 milliseconds. That's 30 times faster than the blink of the human eye...Read More
PEARL Technician Certification Committee members work on new technician testing guidelines.

PEARL Technician Certification Committee focuses on Level I technician expertise   

One day soon, utility engineers routinely will check for PEARL Technician Certification before sending a transformer or switch off to a supplier for reconditioning. The PEARL Technician Certification Committee responsible for developing the program just took the industry closer to that goal during a recent two-day workshop in Lewisville, Texas...Read More 


Electrical Testing TIPS From PEARL 
PEARL President Malcom Frederick and Director David Rosenfield carried the PEARL message to the NEMA Illuminations conference earlier this month out of their own pockets. Thanks!

Electrical testing TIPS for low-voltage circuit breakers 

PEARL has created a "how-to" TIPS series for electrical testing of various electrical apparatus and equipment. This installment offers electrical testing tips for PEARL Reconditioning Standard Section 1200, and discusses relevant test equipment as well as suggested procedures and practices to ensure the quality, safety and speed of your test-for-reconditioning operations. Tips in this installment include testing the tester, tap connections and solid state controllers, among others...Read More 


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November 2012
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Camco Electric Inc. passes site inspection
Camco Electric Inc., a circuit breaker sales and service specialist in Seattle, Wash., recently passed its PEARL site inspection. As a result, the company is now elevated to full member status with PEARL. Congratulations to Camco Electric on this achievement.