AEMC October 2012
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Electrical Industry News 

Electrical Wholesaling University's Free Seminars Explore Distributor Market
Electrical Wholesaling magazine and BlueVolt have created Electrical Wholesaling University, offering free online training courses packed with vital electrical distribution market information. These 20-minute online courses work great in a lunch-and-learn format for employees new to the electrical business or industry veterans who need to brush up on market basics. The recently broadcast Electrical Market 101 Series covered the basics of the residential, commercial and industrial markets...Read More

Understand the Basics of Current-Sensing Relays
A range of manufacturing and production processes rely on current-operated relays to provide a continuously adjustable trip-current setting. They are able to protect mechanical apparatus from jam-up or other overloading conditions that result in measurable increases in motor current...Read More

Mobile Devices Shake Up Outside Sales of Electrical Products
Mobile devices are becoming a must-have tool for outside sales, and the move is happening with amazing speed. Electrical Wholesaling's Top 200 survey this year included a question about whether distributors were using tablet computers, and if not, whether they were considering adding them to the arsenal. Out of all respondents, 58% said they were using tablets, and another 12% were planning to add tablets in the next 12 months...Read More

RemanToolbox Reman Toolbox Helps PEARL Members Save on Business Services  

To help electrical reconditioners save on the many costs of doing business, PEARL has partnered with the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) to offer PEARL members discounted business services from car rentals to wireless services...Read More 



PEARL Standards Review Committee meeting at Potomac Testing Inc. in Crofton, MD on September 25-28, 2012.
Electrical Testing TIPS from PEARL Experts 


Electrical Testing of Low-Voltage Disconnect Switches

PEARL has created a "how to" TIPS series for electrical testing of various electrical apparatus and equipment. This installment offers electrical testing tips for PEARL Reconditioning Standard Section 1100 and discusses relevant test equipment as well as suggested procedures and practices to ensure the quality, safety, and speed of your test-for-reconditioning operations...Read More   

PEARL Member News 

Southland Electrical Supply Creates Equipment Rental Division
Southland Electrical Supply, headquartered in Burlington, NC, with five locations across the Southeast, dedicates additional resources and new products to its lineup of industrial rental electrical equipment...Read More

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October 2012
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NFPA Updates National Electrical Code
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PEARL Member News
PEARL Member News
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Technician Certification Committee Drafts Four Levels of Technical Requirements
The PEARL Technician Certification Committee has just recently completed a first draft of the technical requirements for each of the four levels of certification.

According to Doug Powell, the committee chairman, "This is just the first of several steps we must take before we move to the important phase of development of the Practice Analysis."

A two-day workshop is being planned for November, hosted by North American Machinery in Cleveland, where the certification committee plans to start working on the Practice Analysis. The Practice Analysis provides a blueprint by which our industry experts can begin to write exam questions. Several phases remain, and PEARL's Technician Certification Committee is still looking for additional volunteers who can help us in the development. If you are interested, or know an industry expert, please contact Doug Powell at National Switchgear.