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Twitter Feed Crossover Edition

The majority of you who receive YCM emails miss out on additional items I post on my Twitter account which don't fit naturally into my themed email editions of You've Cott Mail. Here are some news stories and commentary that I've posted on Twitter recently. --TC



Art blogs launch 'A Day for Detroit'

Getty Museum puts 4,600 images online "free to use, modify, and publish for any purpose." 

What happens when literature enters the public domain?

Report on inequalities that persist in training/careers of arts school grads from diverse backgrounds

Lessons for the arts here: 3 ways Major League Soccer is turning customers into fans

What actors aren't telling theater producers and directors about casting, rehearsals & more:



3 lessons on philanthropy from new head of Ford Foundation, Darren Walker

Michael Kaiser: "It's time for the arts to stop blaming the economy"

Anti-racism training sessions for arts grantmakers



Study: Sharing is twice as likely to happen on mobile devices than desktops

73% of US web users buy online. Targeting ads at web visitors who don't buy can help drive later sales

Online currencies like Bitcoin ready to change the way audiences pay for things on Web

Facebook testing VIP-only app for celebs



@VirginAtlantic Airline to offer live stand-up comedy and music performances in-flight

VIDEO: How a derelict house in Alabama unfolds into a 100-seat open-air theater  

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