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Hi.  I'm taking a break from YCM for the next week or so.  I may post on Twitter while I'm away, but the email version of You've Cott Mail will resume after August 12.  

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Twitter Feed Crossover Edition

The majority of you who receive YCM emails miss out on additional items I post on my Twitter account which don't fit naturally into my themed email editions of You've Cott Mail. Here are some news stories and commentary that I've posted on Twitter recently. --TC



@cdilly: Is your strategy "whatever our competition does, but 6 months later"? Get a new strategy

@createquity: What the arts can learn from gay marriage movement about being more inclusive

@LynGardner: "Should a playwright have the final say over a production?"



New @wallacefdn report says tech makes Arts Ed more accessible, but still untapped potential

Related: Using YouTube in the music classroom

CA schools cut arts, but obscure law requires Arts Ed. The hitch? No enforcement authority.



Whoa. Creative sector (esp. arts) will soon be counted in calculating growth of America's GDP

How the Irvine Foundation selected grantees for its Arts Exploring Engagement Fund

The NEA shares draft of its strategic plan for FY14-18...and (a first?) invites public comment

NYC funder forgoes smaller grants in favor of single $1 million prize for "one great idea"



@HarvardBiz: How category creation is reinvigorating classical music

Earlier I tweeted about pay-with-fingerprint, now here's a story about pay-with-your-face



Storytelling across multiple devices, media and platforms is the future of entertainment

New FB app lets friends create group order. Each friend buys own ticket & is seated with others.

Brazil vending machine rewards 'real' music fans with a free Billboard magazine; others pay to read



New choreography app lets user control a dance with fingertips on a tablet

Theatre to stage 30 one-actor shows in London homes based on residents' stories

VIDEO: Actor/comedian Retta skewers stereotypes about who listens to classical music

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