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Twitter Feed Crossover Edition

The majority of you who receive YCM emails miss out on additional items I post on my Twitter account which don't fit naturally into my themed email editions of You've Cott Mail. Here are some news stories and commentary that I've posted on Twitter recently. --Thomas



Old-Timer No. 1: "Broadway isn't what it used to be." Old-Timer No. 2: "No, and it never was."

Why the theatre world should look to baseball as a community model

Report: 75% of small London theatres need major repairs

Australian theatre makers look at race-blind casting

While Australia's other artforms saw flat or lower attendance in 2012, opera had a 34% surge



In 2nd year of Sequestration cuts, House GOP propose an almost 50% cut to federal arts funding, but here's some context on the convoluted federal budgetary dance.  

George Mitchell, who brokered peace in N. Ireland, steps in to solve Minn. Orchestra labor dispute



Study: 75% of young donors turned off by out-of-date websites

Study: Donors who give by text want to give more than $10 limit

To tweet seat or not to tweet seat



Talking about new audiences without learning who they are or what they want isn't leadership

Top museum directors protest L.A. Times arts reporter layoff

Should you offer your best prices to new or existing customers? (It's not always clear-cut.)

Stuff to ponder: Subscriber rush tickets

Broadway's Spider-Man musical offers a pay-later reservation option to woo audiences



Video game fans create a painting for Paris museum exhibition
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