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Twitter Feed Crossover Edition

The majority of you who receive YCM emails miss out on additional items I post on my Twitter account which don't fit naturally into my themed email editions of You've Cott Mail. Here are some news stories and commentary that I've posted on Twitter recently. --Thomas



> Does this happen at your arts org? "The Problem with Executive Isolation" (via @HarvardBiz)

> Royal Winnipeg Ballet School accused of kicking out a promising student for doing gay porn video  

> Report on NYC tourism hopes to stimulate dialogue with mayoral candidates, spur public debate

> Why seek to transform the study of Arts & Humanities, in response to a crisis that isn't happening?




> As UK gov't funding drops, Royal Opera House seeks new revenue with 1st-ever West End transfer


> Why large music festivals like Bonaroo & Coachella are turning away big-name sponsors


> Downside of administrators who waive some/all of their salary or otherwise subsidize an arts org


> Broadway success has a price: $2,500 for a Tony Award statue 





> @ricklestertrg: "We have to recognize engagement by diverse audiences is not a marketing issue."


> Are Australian audiences too reserved?


> France tests next generation of secure payment, using fingerprint ID instead of PIN #s or signatures


> Email "reactivation" campaign for Denver performing arts center sees a 506% ROI





> Why are nearly all e-book downloads in Russia pirated copies (vs 12% in the US)?


> Vine vs. Instagram, round 2 and revining





> New way to experience music: wireless headphones that let concertgoers hear what the band hears


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