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Twitter Feed Crossover Edition

The majority of you who receive YCM emails miss out on additional items I post on my Twitter account which don't fit naturally into my themed email editions of You've Cott Mail. Here are some news stories and commentary that I've posted on Twitter recently. --Thomas



> Associated Press kills its coverage of off-Broadway, opera and dance

> US Senate expected to pass improved visa process for foreign artists

> Can good songs be written on demand?

> Reviving an idea from 1916, @PublicTheaterNY preps a 200-person, community-based production of The Tempest



> Grantmakers open up about "failed" projects in hopes others can learn from their experience

> "Having 100% of board make donations is a cliché we don't like. But here's how to make it as easy as possible."

> New way to fundraise: Web platform lets fans donate to artists with each new YouTube upload

> "I think it's now official: every single major motion picture studio has its own live theatrical division."



> New kind of storytelling: a teen reality show 'broadcasts' in real time on social media with tweets, photos, videos

> Pandora quadruples in-car listeners; Broadcasters worry automakers may dump AM/FM altogether

> Giggem helps match musicians with new bandmates, managers and record labels



> Why Barbra Streisand can't charge $1,000/ticket but a scalper can: The reality of ticket prices & the resale market 

> The ever-changing Millennials: they aren't who you think they are

> Could "streaming artist subscriptions" be the next big thing in digital music?

> New deal for B'way/off-B'way fans: buy from TKTS Booth in Times Square and skip the long lines for the next 7 days



> #MarriageEqualityBroadway: a theatre-themed tribute to landmark Supreme Court rulings

> Watch this massive mural turn into a flip-book style animation

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