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Seward Park Clay Studio and KOBO Gallery
Simple Cup 2013 Invitational, 7th Annual 

Saturday, November 2, 2013,  Opening sale:  6:00 - 9:00pm 
Numbers for the lottery will be given out from 6:00pm.
The Cup Show lottery sale will begin at 7:00pm
Cups can be previewed on Friday, November 1st.
There will be no sales before the opening on Saturday.


7th Annual Simple Cup Invitational
KOBO Gallery (at Higo)
604 South Jackson Street
International District, Seattle, WA
(206) 381-3000

Over 200 cups have arrived from across the country and Japan.  The Simple Cup Show has generated a tremendous amount of interest in Seattle and the Northwest over the last 7 years.  The opening is much anticipated, with patrons getting in line to get first chance at the offerings.  Visits to see the show continue through the month of December.   For many, it is their first opportunity to see the variety of work of many nationally and internationally renowned ceramic artists.  The Seattle Times has  listed this as a "Recommended Arts Event" in the Seattle area in their Fall Art Guide for 2013 .

This year the Simple Cup Show has been curated by Peter Olsen and guest curator, Betsy Williams from New Mexico, and KOBO Gallery, celebrating American and Japanese ceramic artists. The show will run from November 2-through December 2013.  All artists were invited to send in 2-4 cups for the show.

2013 North American artists include:

Ingrid Bathe, Birdie Boone, Richard Brandt, Adam Field, Tina Gebhart, Damian Grava, Cindy Oikawa Gutierrez, Mike Jabbur, Samuel Johnson, Yoshi Kawamura, Michael Kline, Matthew Krousey, Sunny Leinhart, Becky & Steve Lloyd, Fred Olsen, Matt Repsher, Andy Shaw, Amy Smith, Simon Levin, Tom Spleth, Munemitsu Taguchi, Hanako Nakazato, Eric Nelsen, Matt Allison, Kirk Jackson, Rebecca Hillman, Barb Campbell, Josh Floyd, Joshua Primmer, Joshua Kuensting, Darrah Bowden, Shawn  O'Connor, Akira  Satake, Kevin Snipes, Beth Lo, Reid Ozaki, Al Tennant, Ahna Iredale, Reid Schoonover, Craig McNeil, Tom Hoffman.

Artists from Japan include:

Yutaka Ohashi, Tomoe Ohashi, Shunsaku Denawa, Yurika Denawa, Naoko  Yoshimura, Momoko Otani, Tetsuya Otani, Sumiko Aoki, Ken Aoki, Isao Ashida, Harumi Ashida, Shigeki Yamada, Hiroe Yamada, Kou Kitago, Atsu Hirokawa and Takuji Hayashi




The details about the show and sale

The Simple Cup Invitational showcases a wonderful survey of contemporary interpretations of the cup.  With each year there is much excitement generated to see the work of a new crop of juried artists. Our hope in bringing this show to KOBO is to showcase the functional work by notable ceramic artists in North America and in Japan.  


Why the lottery?  
We ask that you will join us in expanding the spread of the creative spirit and support our hope that these wonderful functional pieces are made available to many people.  The lottery system allows everyone to buy at least one of their favorite cups.  No one can go through and snap up a grouping of cups without giving others a chance to purchase first.
All sold cup show pieces will be exhibited for two weeks through 11/16.  After that date all purchased pieces may be taken home. 
The cup show sale begins on Saturday, November 2th at the opening.


How does the Lottery work?  
Please take a number when you come in.  Enjoy a glass of wine and look over 200+ cups that have arrived from around the country and Japan.  At 7:00pm, numbers will be drawn 10 at a time.  Those people in the first group of 10 can select one cup each.  The second group of 10 will then pick one cup each.  The third group of 10 will pick one cup and so on.  Peter Olsen, curator of the Cup Show will explain and direct the sale. 
Once we get through the complete round of the lottery and everyone with a number has had a chance to pick one favorite cup, the sale will then be opened up allowing anyone to purchase any of the available remaining cups.
Numbers for the lottery will be given out from 6:00pm.
The Cup Show lottery will begin at 7:00pm. 
KOBO  reopens on Sunday, November 3, 12pm  - 5pm.  Any unsold cups are available to anyone at that time. 

Simple Cup Show Awards

We are introducing three awards this year!


2013 Seward Park Clay Purchase Award   
This cup will be selected and purchased by the Seward Park Clay Studio for their permanent collection. 



2013 People's Choice -  Best of Show Award  
This cup  will be selected by the opening night attendees.  The sponsor for this award is the Clay Art Center of Tacoma. 






2013 Guest Curator Best of Show Award   

Guest Curator, Betsy Williams will make her selection of one of her favorite cups. 


Thank you, Clay Art Center for becoming a sponsor of the 7th Simple Cup Show People's Choice Award!  


Clay Art Center, Inc. 
2636 Pioneer Way East 
Tacoma, WA 98404 
253 922-5342  



Seward Park Clay Studio - Located in the most beautiful of Seattle's Parks, Seward Park Clay Studio has been a vital element in the Northwest's visual arts community since 1969.  We serve more than 5000 people every year through our classes, our workshops and lecture series, our annual sales and our collaborative shows with local galleries.  Our mission is to promote the growth of the ceramic arts, and we welcome your participation in helping us showcase the work of significant North American and International potters.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Olsen
Executive Director, Seward Park Clay Studio
[email protected]
(206) 722-6342

Betsy Williams 

Studio potter, Director, Rift Gallery, New Mexico

[email protected]   


Binko Chiong-Bisbee     
Co-owner/Director of KOBO
(206) 381-3000     


KOBO Gallery at Higo 
Upcoming events and exhibits 


Through November 23, 2013

Celebrating Nuno Japanese Textiles

An exhibition of Nuno Japanese Textiles, a remarkable Tokyo-based design and production studio led by artistic director and co-founder Reiko Sudo.  Traditional techniques and recycled materials are re-interpreted with cutting edge technology. The Nuno creates some of the most innovative textiles being designed and produced in the world today.   

November 2  through December, 2013

7th Simple Cup Invitational Show

Opening - Saturday, November 2, 6:00-9:00pm

A unique take on a common object, over 200 cups from 60 North American and Japanese ceramic artists exhibited.   


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mieko Mintz, Designer  

Saturday, November 16, 12:00 - 5:00pm 

Mieko Mintz from Kyushu, Japan is a designer based in New York City.  Her signature line are jackets and garments made from vintage sari kantha.  Made from layers of discarded saris joined by a simple running stitch (similar to sashiko stiching),  produces a wonderful texture. Kantha range from utilitarian quilts to exquisitely embroidered heirlooms.     


November 30 - December 14, 2013 

Kou Kitago, Ceramics 

Opening - Saturday, November 30, 2013, 5:00-7:00pm

Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music (Geidai)
A visiting artist in residency at the Tacoma Community College, Art Department showcases her new work.




KOBO, a Japanese word that means studio, featuring art,

                                                 design and craftsmanship. 



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KOBO Gallery (at HIGO)

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KOBO Gallery is located in the the former Higo Variety Store in Seattle's Japantown. Exhibitions are held monthly featuring art, design and examples of fine craftsmanship.

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