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July 7, 2014
6,000 RI Families Need to Renew RIte Care This Month - Or Lose Coverage
From July to December 2014, 42,000 families will be required to renew RIte Care coverage on a monthly rolling basis (6,000 families per month). These are families whose last RIte Care renewal occurred in 2013. They need to renew through a new system and provide all information as if this were a new application. This flyer explains the renewal process. To learn more about how this renewal process differs from previous years, please see the background section at the bottom of this email. 

RIte Care Renewal, Round 1: Meet July Deadline, or Lose Coverage
Families who received their first yellow renewal notice in June will receive a reminder notice from EOHHS on or around July 11, 2014. Families should renew their coverage by July 15, 2014 so they do not have any gaps in coverage. If they do not complete the process, the family's RIte Care coverage will stop on July 31, 2014. 

RIte Care Renewal, Round 2: Meet August Deadline, or Lose Coverage
On July 1, the second round of yellow renewal notices were mailed to 6,000 families. These families must complete the renewal process by August 1, 2014 so they do not have any gaps in coverage. If they do not complete the process, the family's RIte Care coverage will stop on August 31, 2014. 

Here's What You Can Do To Help Families Keep Their Coverage: 
  • Help spread the word! Please print this flyer, post it in waiting rooms and give it to your clients. (Spanish version now available). 
  • Have your colleagues ask all families whether they have received the "yellow notice" from the state. 
    • If they have, ask whether they have completed the process or if they need help. Let them know how time sensitive this renewal is! 
    • If they haven't started, or need help, give them the flyer and advise them to call the HealthSource RI Contact Center to renew (1-855-651-7879) or help them locate a navigator in their community. 
  • Keep track of problems, and please contact Rachel Flum ([email protected]) with any issues that arise. 

Background: This renewal process is a major change from the way families renewed RIte Care coverage in the past. Previously, most families received a pre-populated paper form, which they needed to update and return to the state with paystubs. RIte Care families that received RI Works cash assistance would renew their RIte Care along with cash assistance, when they met with their case worker. Now they must renew using the new system described above and provide all information as if it were a new application.

This complicated renewal process will happen only once for these families. Once they are enrolled through the new computer system, the renewal process will be much simpler.

As explained in the flyer, there are four ways families can renew. The easiest and best way to renew for all families is over the phone by calling the HealthSource RI Contact Center (1-855-651-7879).


Families who miss their renewal opportunity can reapply for RIte Care at any time. They can apply online, over the phone, in person, or via mail using the new system. However it is to their advantage to meet the above deadlines to avoid gaps in coverage.

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