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June 17, 2013

Countdown to Health Coverage Workshop

The Rhode Island Health Coverage Project recently hosted an interactive workshop about new health insurance coverage through Medicaid and the Health Insurance Exchange. Nearly 200 staff of community based organizations and agencies participated, and provided feedback on outreach strategies that would best inform their communities of new coverage that will soon be available. 

To view event materials and presentations, please click here. To provide additional outreach recommendations, please contact the Rhode Island Health Benefits Exchange at [email protected]

Resources for Rhode Island Families 

Help for Working and Unemployed Families Now Available
Many working and unemployed families in Rhode Island are eligible for services and benefits to help support their families. Programs such as health insurance, child care subsidies, tax credits, nutrition assistance, and cash assistance are available to families with low or moderate incomes.

Rhode Island KIDS COUNT has released an updated fact sheet in English and Spanish that describes these services and benefits. For additional copies, please use the order form.

RIte Care Outreach Materials 
Rhode Island KIDS COUNT publishes RIte Care information for families, providers, and community organizations. To view RIte Care outreach materials, including flyers, fact sheets, and Q&As, please click here.

Rhode Island Data on Public Benefits
To learn more about Rhode Island children and families' participation in public benefit programs, please see the following 2013 Rhode Island KIDS COUNT Factbook indicators: 

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