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Volume 3 / Issue 14
April 29, 2015
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Addressing Sexual Assault as a Community

The U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice have released a statement on the work of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division to address and prevent sexual assault in schools and communities across the country. The statement details the importance of cross-sector collaboration with law enforcement, prosecutors, and schools as well the individual responsibility that each sector has to the victim or survivor. To read the statement, click here.

First in the World Grants

The U.S. Department of Education has announced the First in the World (FITW) Program. The program provides grants to institutions of higher education to spur the development of innovations to improve educational outcomes and make college more affordable for students and families and to develop an evidence base of effective practices. Institutions of higher education or consortia of such institutions are eligible applicants for FITW grants. ED encourages applicants to partner with public and private institutions and agencies that can assist the applicant to achieve the goals of the project. To learn more about this program, click here.
2015 Summer School of Addiction Studies

Rutgers University is offering Summer School of Addiction Studies (SSAS). The program offers students a week long professional development experience on topics such as Addiction and the LBGTQI Community, Utilizing the New ASAM, DSM-5, and Related Materials, Career Counseling for the Substance User, and more. Students may also choose from courses, lectures, workshops, and other educational experiences and may also earn over 50 hours of continuing education credits (CEUs). To learn and to apply for this program, click here.

Callisto: A Third-Party Sexual Assault Reporting System

Sexual Health Innovations has developed Callisto, a sexual assault reporting system designed to provide a more empowering, transparent, and confidential reporting experience for college sexual assault survivors, to give schools better data about campus assault, and to facilitate the identification of repeat assailants. The program asks survivors to record what happened in an online form, gives advice on what evidence to collect and save, and securely saves the record, time stamped when it was stored, allowing the survivor to decide later if they want to take action. To learn more about this tool, click here.

The Freshman Year Experience

NBC News is presenting an ongoing series about ten high school seniors about to head off to college, as told by the students themselves. Each student will document their journey over eight months through first-person videos, where they share their excitement, anxiety, challenges, and achievements. To learn more about this series, click here

Inside Higher ED Survey of Community College Presidents

Inside Higher Ed has released results of their 2014 survey of community college presidents. The report also discusses presidents' perceptions on issues such as online instruction and stackable credentials, as well as the serious "skills gap" problems in their respective states and regions. To access this report, click here.
Study of the American Publics' Opinion on Higher Education Post-secondary Education Aspirations and Barriers

This 2014 study, conducted by Gallup and the Lumina Foundation, details how the American public values post-secondary education and believes it to be the key to finding a better job and building a better life. The survey addressed questions such as: how important attainment of a degree or professional certificate in getting a good job; whether adults in the United States are completing their post-secondary education; and more. To access the study, click here.

Economic Diversity in Higher Ed


This collection of articles, organized by The Chronicle of Higher Education, discusses how college leaders and administrators are turning their attention to socioeconomic inequality and how colleges and universities can advance efforts to reach students from low-income households. The booklet contains information on how Washington University, the City University of New York, and other colleges are addressing the needs of low-income students. To access this resource, click here.

New International Town & Gown Association Website

The International Town & Gown Association, a network dedicated to providing resources to assist civic leaders, faculty, and more, has launched a new website. The website features membership information, future and current conference information, a resource center, and more. To access their new and improved site, click here.


The Ohio State University's Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery (HECAOD) Online Survey


The Ohio State University's Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery (HECAOD) is administering a survey designed to get a better idea of the current state of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Prevention at colleges/universities across the country. The survey also asks about interest in programs, classes, webinars, and conferences that the HECAOD may offer in the future. To take this survey, click here. To learn more, click here.

Customizable Title IX Brochure


PaperClip Communications is offering brochures related to the Title IX compliance requirement to make campus community members aware of what type of conduct constitutes sexual harassment, including sexual violence. The new Title IX brochure covers topics such sexual harassment and sexual assault and can be customized with campus-specific Information and more. To learn more and to access this product, click here.


Digital Community Colleges Survey 


The Center for Digital Education is collecting submissions for The Digital Community Colleges Survey which examines and documents how community colleges are using information technology to deliver services to their students, faculty and staff. All U.S. community colleges are invited to participate in the survey. To learn more and participate in the survey, click here.

SuccessNavigator Assessment

The Success Navigator Assessment helps colleges reach at-risk students and improve first-year retention rates by giving them a holistic view of the critical factors that most greatly influence incoming student success. The Success Navigator also provides a comprehensive score report and a tailored action plan. To learn more about this resource, click here.

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Toward More Responsive Campus Mental Health Care: How Improved Awareness and Intervention Might Prevent Future Tragedies

University Business, April 2015


Looking Beyond the Data to Help Students Succeed

The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 22, 2015


University Officials Discuss Sexual Misconduct, Alcohol Use

The Michigan Daily, April 21, 2015


Greek Life Members Attend Greek Week Event on Inclusive Language, Diversity

The Diamondback, April 21, 2015 


Students' Rising Mental Health Needs Hard to Address at Colleges Nationwide

Daily Tarheel, April 21, 2015


Status of LGBT Student Groups May Face Court Fight

Metro Weekly, April 21, 2015


Social Media Publicity Turns Wild Parties Into Trouble that Can't Be Ignored

The New York Times, April 20, 2015


Bye, S. & Gregory, D. (April 2015) Campus Safety & Student Development

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Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants - What Colleges Need to Know

Tuesday, May 19, 2:30-4:00 PM ET


The Ohio State University's Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery is hosting a webinar on the nonmedical use of prescription stimulants. The presentation will include; statistics on the incidence of non-medical use among college students, discussion of common sources of these medications for non-medical use, and more. To learn more and to register, click here.

Extending the Credential

Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 11-12:00 PM PT


Inside Higher Ed is presenting Extending the Credential, a critical discussion about how college credits are used to assign degrees and show graduate capabilities, and whether or not there may be a better system. Competency-based education is central to this debate, but so are such topics as badging, internships, experiential education, testing and more. To learn more and to register, click here.


Creating a Compliance Office: Get Buy-In, Coordinate Efforts & Alleviate Risk

Wednesday, May 27, 2015, 2-3:30 PM ET


PaperClip Communications is hosting a webinar on Creating a Compliance Office. Presenters will cover various models to consider for a campus's compliance function and models for compliance offices and officer positions that represent diverse institutional demographics, from two-year to four-year, large to small, robust to soft budgets. To learn more and to register, click here


Bystander Intervention Programs: Address Specific Groups on Your Campus & Meet Federal Requirements

Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 2-3:30 PM ET


PaperClip Communications is hosting a webinar on how to use bystander education programs as a primary prevention strategy to educate students about sexual violence prevention across campus. The webinar will explore concrete examples of bystander intervention strategies that can adapt to: Greek Life, Residence Life, Athletics, LGBTQA organizations, and more. To learn more and to register, click here.


Veterans, Completion & Career: How to Best Support Their Progress

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 2-3:30 PM ET 

PaperClip Communications is hosting a webinar on Veterans, Completion & Career. The presentation will focus on veterans' academic completion and post-graduate employment and specific strategies you can employ on your campus to positively impact your efforts and meet your goals of retaining and graduating your student veterans. To learn more and to register, click here.

ADA: Audit & Update 2016
Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 2-3:30 PM ET

PaperClip Communications is hosting a webinar on the ADA compliance process, which ensures those with disabilities are not discriminated against and ensures equal opportunity. The presentation will focus on best practices in: ensuring campus is inclusive to those students with a wide array of disabilities, understanding who qualifies as having a disability under the ADA, coordinating sensitivity training for faculty and staff, and more. To learn more and to register, click here.


Campus Pride's 9th Annual Camp Pride 
July 14-19, 2015, Charlotte, NC

Campus Pride is hosting the 9th Annual Camp Pride where students can develop friendships for a lifetime with other LGBTQ and ally college students, build social justice and leadership skills, and take action as a social justice advocate for a safer and more inclusive campus. To learn more and to register, click here

41st National Organization for Victim Assistance Conference 
August 16-19, 2015, Dallas, TX

The National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) is hosting the 41st National Organization for Victim Assistance Conference. The conference is providing four days of training with a year's worth of Continuing Education Units as well as workshops for victim advocate of any level of experience. Topics will range from mental health, restorative justice, domestic violence and assault, public policy, law enforcement, self-care, and much more. To learn more and to register, click here.
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