Higher Education
Volume 2 / Issue 26
September 24
, 2014
In This Issue:

White House Launches "It's On Us" Public Awareness Campaign to Help Prevent Campus Sexual Assault


To advance the goal of preventing sexual assault, the President and Vice President unveiled a new public awareness and education campaign, "It's On Us." The campaign seeks to engage college students and all members of campus communities in preventing sexual assault in the first place. The campaign is being launched in partnership with the Center for American Progress' Generation Progress, along with student body leadership from nearly 200 colleges and universities across the country, collegiate sports organizations such as the NCAA, and private companies that have strong connections with students at colleges and universities. For the White House media release, click here. To view the new It's On Us website, click here. 


The Jed Foundation's 2014-2015 Student Advisory Council


The Jed Foundation has implemented the Student Advisory Council and will be connecting with current students in order to broaden and improve their impact on campus, and to bring the student voice and input into their program. Eligible students much be in good academic standing and between the ages of 18 and 22 during this board term. For more information, click here.

Sources of Consequence Data for Underage Drinking

This Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies resource includes a listing of major national-, state-, and local-level sources of consequence data for underage drinking, including websites, descriptions, and geographic levels. For national- and state-level data sources, caveats and data and analysis tools are provided. For local-level data sources, possible contacts and suggestions on what data to request are provided. 
Campus Pride Releases 2014 Top 50 List of LGBT-Friendly Colleges & Universities
Campus Pride, a national nonprofit organization for student leaders and campus groups working to create a safer college environment for LGBT students, has released their 2014 "Top 50" list. The listing highlights the positive efforts to improve safety and academic life for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students as well as the top institutions leading the way. 
Title IX Campus Programming & Awareness 
The Title IX Campus Programming & Awareness set from Paperclip Communications, which can be purchased here, provides resources to help jump-start efforts in improving bystander education, student advocacy programs, online programs, digital communities, risk reduction programs, and much more.

University Innovation Alliance


The University Innovation Alliance (UIA) is a consortium of 11 large public research universities committed to making high-quality college degrees accessible to a diverse body of students. UIA is at the forefront of America's race to regain its educational edge and increase economic opportunity and mobility. UIA member universities act as innovation cluster, developing, and testing new initiatives, sharing data and scaling best practices across the Alliance. To read about UIA, including, member success stories, click here.

Campus Safety Publications and Resources Compilation

To address the need for resources and strategies related to crime and safety on college campuses, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) is providing access to a compilation of publications and resources that focus on campus safety, crime and violence prevention, and substance abuse.
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Princeton Is the Final Ivy Leaguer to Lower Burden of Proof for Sexual Assault

The Washington Post, September 16, 2014


White House Will Engage Men to Fight Campus Sexual Assault

Chicago Sun-Times, September 16, 2014 


Wesleyan Fraternities Launch Alcohol, Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative
The Middletown Press, September 15, 2014

In Florida Student Assaults, an Added Burden on Accusers
The NY Times, September 14, 2014

My Consent Day Empowers Michigan Youth, LGBT Survivors of Assault
Pride Source, September 11, 2014

Ex-Clemson Women's Soccer Player Files Lawsuit Claiming She Suffered a 'Traumatic Brain Injury' During Hazing Incident
NY Daily News, September 10, 2014


Meet Three Boston Students Working to Change Rape Culture on Campus

WGBH, September 9, 2014


The Boston Globe, September 8, 2014 


NPR, September 8, 2014

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Innovative Educators Webinar Series

The League for Innovation in the Community College has released the schedule for the Innovative Educators webinars. Topics range from "Strategies for Developing & Maintaining a Robust Student Ambassador Program" to "The Violence against Women Act: Developing Educational Programs for Compliance." For more information on these webinars, or to register, please click 

Beyond Orientation: Building a Prevention Calendar at a College or University
October 2, 2014, 1-2 PM EDT

As colleges and universities work to strengthen and expand their prevention education programs, they often question what types of programs are best for their campus community. Join campus safety experts and practitioners as they discuss how to build a prevention calendar that is aligned with an institution's mission and recognizes and responds to its own unique campus climate. Topics of discussion will include: What does "evidence-based" really mean, what programs are considered to be "evidence-based", how can program evaluation inform future programming efforts, and more.  Please click here to register for this webinar.


Making the Case for Coalitions
October 16, 2014, 1-2 PM EDT
Coalitions are a powerful force for change in the health of a community. The Drug Free Action Alliance is hosting a webinar that will explore how to best convey the power and value of coalition work. To register for the event, or for more information, please click here.

Strategic Prevention Framework: An Overview
November 19, 2014, 1-2 PM EDT
The Strategic Prevention Framework, a planning model that can be used by individuals, communities, agencies, coalition, or businesses to create change, will be the focus of this Drug Free Action Alliance event. The webinar will explore 5 key steps: Assessment, Capacity, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. For more information and to register, please click here

Intersections in Compliance: a Two-Day Conference on Title IX and the Clery Act
October 13-14, 2014, Philadelphia, PA
The Clery Center will be hosting a two-day conference to provide easy to use, practical implementation tools for the new U.S. Department of Education and White House Task Force materials, the recent amendments to the Clery Act as a part of the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization, and the intersections of compliance between the Clery Act and Title IX. For more information on the event, or to register, please click here.

Active Minds National Mental Health on Campus Conference
November 14-16, 2014, College Park, MD
The Active Minds National Mental Health on Campus Conference, held annually in November, is the only national conference addressing college student mental health and young adult advocacy. The conference brings together hundreds of experts, change-agents and leaders from across the country. To register for the event, or to find out more information, click here.


Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America National Leadership Forum
February 2-5, 2015, National Harbor, MD
The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the National Leadership Forum and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) 11th Prevention Day, the largest training conference for community-based substance abuse prevention professionals, coalition leaders, and prevention and addiction researched. The Forum is a four-day event with a number of opportunities to learn about the latest strategies to fight substance abuse and to hear from nationally known prevention experts, federal administrators, and concerned policymakers. For more information, or to register for the event, click here. If you would like to just attend SAMHSA's Prevention Day please click here to register. More information on SAMHSA's 11th Prevention Day can be found here.
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