Be a virtual vendor or showcase your book at the summit this year.
I'm inviting you to be part of our second annual Produce*Publish*Promote Summit July 8 - 10, 2016.

Last year it was huge success and we've decided to do it again with a few new offerings.

This year the summit will be free to all.  We offering vendor and sponsorships

The Writer's Path Can Be A Bumpy Ride
However with the right resources it doesn't have to be.
The summit will showcase these resources to help make sure writers have a good experience on their road to publication or promotion.
I would like to offer you a chance to feature your business during the summit.

 Summit Virtual Vendor

Virtual Vendor includes:

Feature your business during the summit inside the private FB group
You have three posts - one for each day
Attendees can ask you questions
You can offer your products or sales.

15.00 - Virtual Vendor  undefined 


DONATIONS:  If you would like to donate a door prize - Non Fiction ebooks (pertaining to writing, publishing or promoting), gift cards or digital goody.

Digital Goody Bag - Each attendee will receive a Digital goody bag.  Feature your digital goody.  (pertaining to writing, publishing or promoting) 
What is a digital goody?
Link to an excerpt of your book
Link to an articles
Link to an online workshop
Link to a Pod cast
Link to a Radio shows
Link to a free Ebooks
Link to a video

$10.00 Digital Goody Bag undefined
Book Store  

Nonfiction only - Do you have a book that belongs in a writer's library?  

Feature your book (pertaining to writing, publishing or promoting)

Book, blurb and link to purchase

Bookstore is featured inside the group and cover featured inside the program.

$15.00 Book Store   undefined

Event Program  - Businesses only
 1/4 Ad 

15.00 - You provide graphic  undefined

25.00 - I create graphic  undefined

Literary Directory

$25.00  undefined

Do you have a business or service that caters to writers?  

List your business or services in our Literary directory.

This director is part of registration and is also be an 
opt-in freebie we will be offering to new members of SORMAG Community in September.

This payment is a one time payment and your business will be listed in the director forever. If you are listed in the directory, updates are $5.00

Sponsorship closes July 3rd.  Don't miss out.
Look forward to working with you.
LaShaunda Hoffman
Please feel free to forward this message to other who might be interested in being a sponsor.


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