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Expanding Licorice
Wild Ophelia
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Hopefully, by the time you're reading this, the intense summer heat and humidity will be on the wane. It'll be bittersweet - sadness seeing summer drift into memory, but bringing with it the promise of fall, with its crisp temperatures and gorgeous foliage display.

Halloween candy is on display (along with Village Candy's Halloween seasonal display window), but that's not all that's new in store. Read on for some highlights. It's an exciting time at Village Candy!
Expanding Licorice
Something for Everyone

Licorice Bears

We've been noticing that the more varying types of licorice we offer, the more customers seem to eat them up. We've gradually been enlarging our licorice area, and it now includes nine bagged varieties, ranging from Dutch double salted coins and lightly salted coins, to the sweetly sugared bears to the left, and everything in between. Adding to that are our shoestrings (or laces) in black Licorice Hallows or red, Australian-style soft and chewy, traditional licorice pipes, Finnish black or red licorice bars, Bassett's Allsorts, red Broadway rolls (formerly called Delpha rolls), Haribo Red Wheels and the Licorice Hallows to the right (similar to the discontinued former favorite, Snaps). And don't forget our traditional licorice twists in red, black or chocolate!

New From Wild Ophelia
Vosges' Younger Sister

We've been offering Wild Ophelia chocolate bars since they Wild Ophelia BBQ Potato Chip Bar were introduced as an offshoot of Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Their mission is "to highlight specific varietal and craft ingredients in chocolate to tell the story of America's diverse cuisines and the entrepreneurs behind them." It's a Fair Trade, non-GMO, American chocolate line that celebrates American entrepreneurial efforts through its all-natural and often organic ingredients sourced from small farms and artisans. Their bars range from a savory Beef Jerky with Smoked Salt in Milk Chocolate, to the artisan BBQ Potato Chip and Smoked Paprika in Dark Chocolate. And now they've redesigned their packaging and introduced a line of peanut butter cups that offer some distinctively unique variations: toasted
Wild Ophelia Peanut Butter & Toasted Coconut Cup
coconut, smoked salt, sun-dried banana and crispy cookie wafer. The packages contain six mini-cups. We call this a slam dunk!
Vanini Chocolate
From Italy with Love

Vanini - Nel Cuore del Cacao: In the heart of the cacao. It's right there in their logo, and it's Vanini Milk Chocolate synonymous with top-quality Italian chocolate, made from extraordinary cacao from carefully selected plantations. For almost 70 years the Agostoni-Vanini family has used its experience, passion and commitment to 
Panini Dark Chocolate with Rosemary
cultivate the culture of Italian chocolate, and it shows with this new collection of exquisite chocolate bars.

Beginning with their higher-cacao milk chocolate with sea salt from the the pans of Trapini, Sicily, and topping out with their intensely pure 86% cacao dark bar, Vanini spans the chocolate spectrum, and includes their 62% cacao Dark Chocolate with Rosemary bar. Come on in and try out the four varieties we're offering, and find out which satisfies your sweet tooth!
Hard and Fruity
Claeys Old Time Candies

Three generations of Claeys Candy Makers have beenClaeys Horehound Candy winning over customers with their delicious confections. They continue to make sugared hard candies the old-fashioned way, just like they did when they began in 1919. They offer an extensive assortment of flavors, and Village Candy now carries five varieties, having recently added their horehound flavor, their biggest seller. Horehound candy is dark brown with a distinctly bittersweet taste. It's made from fresh or dried leaves of the white horehound plant, a member of the mint family, and its flavor has been likened to a combination of mint, licorice, and root beer.  

Horehound has been used as a traditional folk medicine and is thought to relieve asthma symptoms, calm sore throats and lessen coughing caused by a cold or influenza. Many people also use it to relieve digestive issues - it's thought to stimulate the appetite. Other varieties at Village Candy include Lemon, Watermelon, Sassafras and Cherry.
Chiller Theater
A report on all things sodarific: what's new in the fridge, tastings and interesting tidbits from the world of bottled effervescence.

Moxie Moxie - Back in Stock - Moxie is produced by the Moxie Beverage Co. of Bedford, New Hampshire, part of Kirin of Japan. It has a unique flavor - not as sweet as most current soft drinks - partially derived from gentian root extract, an extremely bitter substance which was reputed to possess medicinal properties. Moxie originated as a patent medicine called "Moxie Nerve Food," created in 1876 in Lowell Massachusetts. Author E. B. White once claimed that "Moxie contains gentian root, which is the path to the good life." The term "you've got real moxie" actually derives from the soda's name, not the other way around.

Swamp Pop File Root Beer
Swamp Pop Filé Root Beer - Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie, Filé... Root Beer? The Choctaw Indians introduced early Cajuns to Filé powder (ground sassafras leaves) to treat a variety of ailments and to thicken the soups and stews that would eventually become known as Gumbo. Sassafras is also a traditional brewing spice in root beer.

Swamp Pop Filé Root Beer highlights this classic Louisiana flavor, creating an herbal profile reminiscent of early, traditional root beers. Enjoy it ice cold or over vanilla ice cream!

Fitz's Hip Hop Pop
Fitz's Hip Hop Pop contains lots of raspberry and other berry flavors blended with their sugar cane cola, along with a caffeine kicker. Give it a try - it's quite delicious. We also offer their Cardinal Cream, a red cream soda, since red and blue cream sodas are popular at Village Candy. It wasn't until we got it in that we realized why it's called Cardinal Cream, besides being red. Fitz's is a St. Louis-based company...Cardinal...St. Louis... Well, in spite of this, let's go Bucs!

Fitz's was originally a drive-in hamburger stand located in the St. Louis suburb of Richmond Heights. Their root beer was first produced in 1947 and sold alongside hamburgers and fries. 
Village Candy is an old-time, new-fangled retail shop specializing in a unique selection of retro and current bulk and novelty candy, artisan chocolates, glass-bottled pop and candy-themed gifts. Oh, and remember customer service? It's back!

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