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Maybe, finally, we're done with cold weather and snow? This has been the winter to end all, and it'll sure be nice to see the neighbors out and about again. The streets of the village have been mostly deserted for far too long, and the fish in the river must be anchovies by now, with all the salt that's been spread. Come on in to Village Candy and reacquaint yourself. We've got you covered for Easter, and we're brimming with tasty chocolates, just in case you wanted to get a jump on Mom's Day. And, in case you've been wondering, our 5th Annual Root Beer Tasting is on the last Saturday of this month, to close this long winter out with a bang and welcome warmer weather.
Pittsburgh Magazine 
2014 Best of the Burgh Readers Poll

Best Of The Burgh
It's that time of year again, when
Pittsburgh Magazine holds its annual Best of the Burgh readers' poll. They've added a slot for Candy Store, so cast your ballot and make Village Candy famous!
Grab Your Easter Bonnet
And Fill It With Village Candy Treats!

Custom Easter Basket
Easter is a little over two weeks away, so you better get your cotton tail on and hop on in to Village Candy for rabbit-endorsed goodies.

Caught with your hare down? We can put together your Easter baskets for you (see pic to left)! With a little advanced notice, we'll pack up a basket that would make even Bugs proud. Why not save the fuss for us?
Make-Your-Own Marshmallow Kit
And for that matter, why leave all the hands-on fun for those winter holiday gingerbread houses? We've got Make-Your-Own Easter Marshmallow kits! They contain form trays and all the ingredients to create adorable shapes like bunnies and eggs.  

We've also got festive (and delicious)
Edible Easter Grass
decorated chocolate pretzels and nonpareils, the requisite spiced jelly beans, assorted poses of chocolate bunnies (including nut-free) ready for oral decapitation, foil-wrapped milk chocolate eggs/bunnies/carrots, speckled malt eggs, and gummi butterflies, bunnies and flowers. Oh, and don't forget edible grass for lining your basket!
Gumby To The Rescue!
No Worries, Pokey's Close By
How could it have taken so long for someone to produce a Gumby gummi Gumby? No brainer! Gumby, the Art Clokey stop motion clay animation creation (he also did Davey and Goliath) ran for 233 episodes in the 50s and 60s. He actually was a Howdy Doody spinoff, along with his sidekick Pokey, the talking orange pony. Now Village Candy has this 8-inch, 8-ounce Gumby flavored like green apple, in a hard plastic shell!
Gummi Gumby & Pokey
And not to be outdone, Pokey had to get in on the act too. So we also have a pack of more normal sized Gumbys (or is it Gumbies) AND Pokeys in a 6-ounce bag. Art may be spinning in his grave, but dang these gummies smell fantastic.
Another Gift from Indonesia 
Time for a coffee or tea break
Bali's Best Cafe Latte Candy
Village Candy introduced the Bali's Best line of gourmet hard candies about six months ago, and they've proven to be VERY popular. We first started with their Espresso, Coffee and Iced Tea candies. We've restocked on the Iced Tea, and now we're introducing Cafe Latté Candy.

Bali's Best Iced Tea CandyGourmet Cafe Latté-on-the-go is finally here. This delicious center-filled candy made with full-bodied Sumatra coffee simply melts in your mouth. Finely balanced in rich flavors and aroma, this stimulating candy is every coffee connoisseur's dream-come-true. And now back in stock is their Classic Iced Tea candy. The natural tea extract used originates from whole green tea that is grown exclusively in the islands of Java. Their tea derives its fresh and lively flavor and light floral scent from the sultry Javanese climate and rich soils. The result is an exquisite candy that is perfectly balanced with the essence of the whole tea leaf.
And One More Thing...
Son of Candy Alphabet

actly - YOU try coming up with an "X" candy! The only one we know of is Xtra Care Gum, and that's boring. So we did the next best thing - we came up with a candy logo that had this letter in its name. Hopefully, one of you will come up with it too!

Send your guess in an email to candyalphabet@villagecandy.com. We'll engrave all the correct entrants' names in dyed eggshells, and the last one intact after our egg rolling race wins. The winner will then have to hop on in to Village Candy to pick up their prize.

Last Alphabet's correct answer was Warheads, and was submitted by 
Frank Lovaglio. Your prize will be waiting for you.

Warheads is a brand of sour candy that was invented in Taiwan in 1975, and was first imported to the U.S. by The Foreign Candy Company in the early 90s. For a while, special "HOT" versions of the candy were also available but proved to be less popular. Impact Confections acquired the brand in 2004, and they're currently manufactured and distributed in the U.S. They proved to be in high demand, especially with children. 

Warheads Extreme Sour Hard Candy derive their strong sour flavor primarily from malic acid, which coats the outside of the small, hard candies. The intense sour flavor fades after about 5 to 10 seconds, leaving a fairly mild candy that contains the much less sour ascorbic acid and citric acid, all probably wonderful for tooth enamel.

The name "Warheads" comes from the notion that the sour taste of the candies is like a real warhead going off in your mouth, and the brand's mascot, Wally Warheads, is depicted as a boy with puckered lips and a small mushroom cloud emanating from the top of his head. A driving force behind the candy's popularity were informal competitions among schoolchildren to determine who could withstand eating the largest number of Warheads at once.


They've recently expanded the brand to include a sour gummy belt, a lollipop/sour powder dipping candy, sour liquid drops and a sour spray candy. 

Chiller Theater
A report on all things sodarific: what's new in the fridge, tastings and interesting tidbits from the world of bottled effervescence.
Root Beer Keg Root Beer Tasting 2014
Saturday, April 26, 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Yup, it's been a while. And we've missed you. And you've been asking for it. So it's time Village Candy kicked off the summer season with our 5th Annual Root Beer Tasting.

And a tantalizing truckload of tasty tonics should be trickling in before then, including several that may work their way open for our tasting pleasure. So on Saturday, April 26, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, we'll offer up these crisp, delightful potions for all (who register) to sample. Remember, it's always free and fun, but you must RSVP before it's too late.

We guarantee there will be several that you've never had before. Come quaff some root beer on, and with, us - register now
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