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Finally, Nut Free
Coffee Addicts Unite
Wow, wow, Chuao!
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Thanksgiving full steam ahead! But you'd hardly know it by going into most stores these days. It seems like one of our most cherished holidays gets lost in the full-on rush to Christmas. But at Village Candy you still have plenty of options for fall-colored and themed candy to decorate your holiday table and/or serve your guests. Chocolate turkeys, candy corn, autumn-hued treats, you name it. And, of course, if you DO want to start ticking things off your holiday shopping list, we're all about that too! Christmas candy has arrived, and is on full display here. And though we shouldn't say it, "It's Starting to Feel a Lot Like..."
Finally, Nut Free!
Definitely NOT Our Staff

Skips Chocolate Rocking HorseVillage Candy has gotten customer requests for Nut Free Chocolates for a while, and has pursued a quality vendor. But we've never been completely satisfied with any of their products - until now.
Skips Candies is still a family run business in Lahaska, PA. What started with Skip has grown into three generations involved in the day to day operation. As of 2011 they opened their dedicated nut free facility, allowing them to make chocolates and other packaged sweets for those suffering from peanut and tree nut allergies. It's something they not only preach, but live - one of Skip's grandsons has a severe form of this allergy. Their goal is to offer their products so everyone can enjoy chocolate and candies safely.
Skips chocolates are delicious, and we're giving several of their holiday shapes a trial run during the holidays. And by all means, do NOT avoid them just because you're NOT allergic. You'll be sorry!
Coffee Addicts Unite
Tastier Than a Cup o' Joe

Many people who don't even drink coffee love its taste - in ice-
Bali's Best Espresso Candy
cream or candy. That's why Village Candy is now proud to offer Bali's Best Candy, for both drinkers and nondrinkers alike.
Bali's Best Iced Tea Candy
Their Espresso Candy is deliciously dark,
rich, smooth and intense, AND made with real espresso beans. We also have their regular Coffee Candy and, as a slight departure for our tea loving friends, Bali's Best Classic Iced Tea Candies, made with real tea!
Wow, wow, Chuao!
Here for a Return Visit
Chuao Spicy Maya Chocolate Bar
Chuao Chocolate was one of Village Candy's first artisan chocolatiers, when we were founded way back in two-thousand aught five. At the time we thought they were the very best tasting chocolate we had ever experienced. When demand for their bars seemed to wane, we dropped them, inviting in newer artisans.

Well, it's about time we reintroduced them. They've improved their packaging and their lineup, and have come up with some amazingly tasty combinations. You may have had other chocolate bars with some spicy pepper combination, but their Spicy Maya was the first and we believe still the best. It has a Chuao Pop Corn Pop Bar warm cinnamon embrace, velvety dark chocolate and an infusion of cayenne and pasilla chile with just enough heat to melt your heart. It's the perfect blend of sweet and seductive.

One of their newer treats is the Pop Corn Pop bar. In a nod to your favorite movie theater treat, it's a mix of puffed whole grains, toasted corn chips, popping candy and a sprinkle of sea salt in creamy milk chocolate. Take a bite, close your eyes, and experience "popcorn" popping in your mouth! We weren't convinced until we tried it ourselves, and we can assure you it's a flat-out success!
New and Notable
Lake Champlain Chocolate Squares
Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Square
Village Candy now offers Lake Champlain Chocolate Squares, for when just a little taste is enough. Founded in 1983, Lake Champlain Chocolates started in Burlington, Vermont to take gift chocolates to an entire new level of quality and smoothness. These 54% cacao squares are the perfect size, and they're also available in Milk Chocolate.

Coated Candy Stars

Coated Candy StarsNew to our By-The-Pound candy area are multicolored, coated candy stars. Coated pressed candy differs from uncoated in that it has a glossy sheen to it. Smarties are uncoated; Spree and Runts are coated. These little stars are also multi flavored, and join our coated candy skulls and lucky duckies.
Ginger Zingers Are Back!

Ginger ZingersWe introduced these tasty Ginger Zingers back in April, and they were an overwhelming hit. Not anticipating the demand, we were out of a number of flavors for a bit, but we've restocked. We're BIG on ginger, and these Zingers are packed with ground ginger root and carefully selected natural flavors for a delicious and stimulating on the go treat. Made for ginger lovers, by ginger lovers in D'Anjou Pear, Spicy Chai, Blood Orange and Mango.
The Pirates Gave It Their Best
So Our Black & Gold Sale Continues
Paint The Town

We're holding the price on Black and Gold (or Yellow) M&Ms at 20% below normal throughout the holiday season! Tip: They work equally well for the Steelers, Penguins or Panthers (the Gold at least).

Chiller Theater
A report on all things sodarific: what's new in the fridge, tastings and interesting tidbits from the world of bottled effervescence.

Barritt's Diet Ginger Beer
Barritt's Diet Ginger Beer

Many of our customers love Barritt's Bermuda Ginger Beer for its full ginger body and subtle bite. And its incorporation in the Dark n' Stormy cocktail is the stuff of legend. Its place in this refreshing beverage goes back to its beginnings in Bermuda, but a funny thing happened on the way to today's Dark n' Stormy.

Gosling's, a Bermuda rum maker founded in 1806, actually mandates that their Black Seal rum be part of this elixir. They even have two trademarks on it - the drink, not the rum. And, though Barritt's was always an integral part of this drink, its name is nowhere to be found in the trademark papers. Could that have anything do with their plans to come out with their own ginger beer? Who knows, but what we DO know is that Village Candy now offers Barritt's Diet Ginger Beer, making the cocktail more approachable to those trying to pare back on sugar. And it tastes DELICIOUS, maybe the best tasting diet beverage, and new to our cooler. 
And One More Thing...
Son of Candy Alphabet

o you think you know your candies? Well here's a throwback for you. And you know the drill - if you're the lucky choice of submitted winning entries, you'll win the prize. And it's a good one, but not good enough to cheat for (e.g., google). 

Submit your guess in an email to We'll print all the correct respondents names on individual popcorn kernels, throw them into some hot oil, and catch the first one that pops out. If that first one doesn't burn the xxxx out of our hands, we'll publish that winning name in next month's newsletter, and maybe it'll be you. We'll dream up a memorable token of our appreciation, and then we'll actually act on that dream.

Last Alphabet's correct answer was Rocky Road, and was submitted by Richelle McNatt. Your prize awaits.
Most people know of rocky road-flavored ice cream, but not many (especially those east of the Rockies) know that there's a candy actually named Rocky Road. Somewhat like the bar named Turtles. Rocky road, the ice cream, is traditionally chocolate ice cream, nuts and marshmallows, and was supposedly created in 1929 by the founder of Edy's/Dryer's Ice Cream.

Sam Altschuler was a Russion immigrant who came to the U.S. in 1917, and eventually founded the Annabelle Candy Company in 1950, named after his daughter. He found success, after struggling for several years, with the Rocky Road candy bar, which became one of the best selling candies on the west coast. After merging with and acquiring several other companies, they now make the Big Hunk, U-No, Look and Abba-Zabba.

The Rocky Road is still made the same way, by hand, layer by layer. Annabelle uses a unique process that maintains the softness and fluffiness of marshmallow, and combines it with fresh roasted cashews and rich chocolate.
Village Candy is an old-time, new-fangled retail shop specializing in a unique selection of retro and current bulk and novelty candy, artisan chocolates, glass-bottled pop and candy-themed gifts. Oh, and remember customer service? It's back!

We are here Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, but on Wednesday we stay late until 8! We are closed Sunday and Monday.