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Greetings Fellow Candy Lover!   

Easter is incredibly early this year and coming up fast - just two weeks from this Sunday! So get your groove on and hurry in to Village Candy for all your Easter treats. We've got an incredible array of chocolate bunnies, both solid and hollow, in various sizes, fudge eggs, chocolate eggs with a variety of fillings, bubblegum eggs, mini foiled eggs, edible grass, spiced jelly beans, holiday M&Ms and more. Basically everything you'd ever want to create gorgeous baskets for your kids, your siblings, your mates, friends or relatives. In fact, we're pretty sure the Big Bunny stops here himself before delivering his treats!
Sweet Jubilee Gourmet
The name says it all
Sweet Jubilee Gourmet Brittle Bark
Every now and then a new candy company comes around that just impresses our socks off. Sweet Jubilee Gourmet is based in Mechanicsburg, PA, and they started out with something they call Brittle Bark. Definitely not your granny's peanut brittle, it's made with fruits, nuts and/or spices.  These crispy-thin brittles offer a gourmet twist on traditional favorites. We have three varieties, one that's more traditional with just peanuts, and one that's called Pretzel Lovers. We think you'll agree that this redefines brittle, and you won't be able to get enough.
Sweet Jubilee Gourmet Bunny Pants
And there's one other Brittle Bark - Poppin Time - natural popcorn freshly popped with salted pretzels scattered on top, and then topped with Just Peanuts Brittle Bark and finished with drizzled dark chocolate. And this bark comes packaged just for Easter, all cozied up in a pair of bunny pants!

Sweet Jubilee Gourmet Bunny Tiles Also from Sweet Jubilee come Chocolate Veneer Chunks (hand-made crispy-thin brittle enrobed in chocolate and finished with an artisan chocolate design), Chocolate Bunny Squares (adorable tile-like chocolate squares with a bunny relief in bright colors), Fudge Tiles in different flavor combos, and Fudge Pie on a Stick. Oh, and a personal favorite - Chocolate-dipped Nutter Butters!
Cool New Puzzles
They too are candy related

Gum Wrappers Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzles are a sure winner for family fun. When everyone can spend some time piecing together an interesting puzzle, it's the perfect opportunity for quality time and conversation. Oh, and perfect puzzle snack? Candy, of course. 

When we added the Old Candy Wrappers jigsaw puzzle to our offerings, it was an instant hit. And White Mountain Puzzles came out with another similar one, Gum Wrappers, so we snapped it up. This collage of chewables includes current brands and some from long ago. When was the last time you got a pack of gum for a penny? We've also added two others:  Lollipop Bouquet and Candy Cravings.

A few pieces of trivia:
John Spilsbury, a London mapmaker and engraver, is credited with commercializing jigsaw puzzles around 1760.

According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, doing jigsaw puzzles is one of many activities that can help keep the brain active and may contribute to reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Largest commercially-available jigsaw puzzle, in number of pieces: 32,256 pieces. Made by Ravensburger. Size: roughly 17.85 feet by 6.30 feet.
And One More Thing...
Son of Candy Alphabet

Candy Alphabet I know, this is a poor picture for an "I." But "I" candy is sure not easy to find. C'mon - Ice Breakers? That's it? And no, those little white-topped chocolate mounds are not called Ice Caps!
Type your guess in an email, and submit it to We'll tumble all the winning entries in one of those "entry tumblers" and we'll select one winner. And then you'll be invited down to Village Candy to pick up a prize. Don't worry about being embarrassed - we'll forgo the confetti and balloons.

Hot Tamales
Last month's correct answer was Hot Tamales. We had quite of number of winning submissions, so we threw them in the big ol' cement mixer and picked out one lucky so-and-so. And the winner is bumbumbumbum Richelle McNatt! C'mon down and claim your fame!

Hot Tamales are cinnamon candies made by Just Born. They're shaped like Mike and Ikes and made their debut in 1950. Their name refers to their spiciness.

There's also Hot Tamales Fire (originally Super Hot Hot Tamales) which is more intense than the original. A spearmint version was available in the late 2000s called Hot Tamales Ice, but was soon discontinued.

In 2012 Just Born released another new flavor - Hot Tamales Tropical Heat, containing three different spicy tropical flavors: Limon Fever, Mango Tango and Pineapple Picante.
Village Candy is an old-time, new-fangled retail shop specializing in a unique selection of retro and current bulk and novelty candy, artisan chocolates, glass-bottled pop and candy-themed gifts. Oh, and remember customer service? It's back!

We are here Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, but on Wednesday we stay late until 8! We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Doug Alpern, Proprietor
Village Candy