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Greetings Fellow Candy Lover!   

Christmas Eve is exactly three weeks from today! You better get your gifting hat and card-writing game on. Village Candy always has something new in store, and this season is no exception. We continue to be the place to go for stocking and advent stuffers, gingerbread house decorations, 6-pack soda samplers and mixed retro candy boxes (a.k.a. cozy memory enablers). This year we've added gingerbread house kits, new candy-flavored and scented lip balms, an updated selection of candy earrings and, truthfully, too many other items to recount in this limited space. Just remember - nothing says "I Love You" more affordably than candy, whether it's for spouses, children, significant others, teachers or other service providers. We can also ship your candy sentiments. And if you just can't make a decision or don't have the time to target each entry on your naughty-or-nice list, our highly-prized Village Candy Cash Cards always bring smiles.
Holiday Gift Guide

For this year's Holiday Gift Guide, we'd like to redirect your attention to our Holiday Gift Ideas. ALL of these items are available in store, unless otherwise noted. This allows us to devote more newsletter space to other items of interest (yawn). 
From a Town in Upstate NY 
A New Tradition 

Saratoga Sweets
Saratoga Sweets first opened for business in 1988 in historic Saratoga Springs, NY. Back then they produced a small variety of handmade chocolates, most made right in their storefront window. It was during that first holiday season that they were approached by the local historical society regarding a "lost" holiday tradition called the Peppermint Pig. Using borrowed candy molds and the original recipe, about 100 Peppermint Pigs were made just in time for sale Christmas Eve Day. They were greeted that snowy morning by a crowd of Saratogians of all ages gleefully waiting to get their first Peppermint Pig in over 50 years.

The tradition would then continue after the holiday dinner, when the Pig was passed amongst those gathered, each in turn giving its Peppermint Pig enclosing pouch a firm tap with a hammer and sharing a tale of the past year's good fortune. The broken peppermint pieces and warm memories were enjoyed in hopes of prosperity for the coming year.

Last holiday season over 130,000 Peppermint Pigs were made in their candy kitchen. A customer alerted Village Candy to this tradition a couple of years ago, and it's fast becoming a Sewickley tradition too. We've also added some new Saratoga Sweets treats:
Peanut Butter Cubs  
Peanut Butter "Cubs": Ginormous peanut butter cups that come in a cupcake wrapper (to give an idea of how large they are). They're delicious! 
Victorian Sugarplums

Victorian Sugarplums: A
truly delicious confection similar to a Belgian chocolate truffle laced with a hint of plum, cloaked in dark chocolate and wrapped in foil.
Maple Pecan Pralines
Maple Pecan Pralines: To die for - heavenly chewy clusters of pecans and caramel laced with maple syrup.
Chiller Theater 
A report on all things sodarific: what's new in the fridge, tastings and interesting tidbits from the world of bottled effervescence. 

Village Candy's Adults-Only Ginger Beer/Ale Soda Tasting
 (Sorry kids!)
Wednesday, December 12, 5:30pm to 6:30pm

As we over-hyped last month, Village Candy has decided to stage another ginger tasting, and to put under the microscope (a.k.a. the tongue) the popular Bermudan Dark 'n Stormy and the former Soviet Moscow Mule (psst: actually invented in Los Angeles). 
And this time we're going to feature local professional mixologist Amanda from Sharp Edge which, since opening in 2006, has become a premiere gathering place for the Ohio Valley. The restaurant can seat 130 people, while still serving 30 draft beers and more than 200 brands of Belgian and other European and Craft Beers. Amanda's even been working in the top-secret Sharp Edge labs to create a Sharp Edge Signature Ginger Cocktail specifically for this event!
You'll get a taste of each (the cocktails, not the beers), and Amanda will explain and show how they're made. We'll also have a lineup of ginger beers and ales to try, so you can get a good feel for their differences. DUE TO THE ADULT NATURE OF THIS EVENT, PARTICIPATION IS LIMITED TO THOSE 21 AND OVER. YOU WILL BE CARDED AT THE DOOR, AND A COSTCO CARD DOES NOT SUFFICE. 

So, once again, it's WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12. As usual, it's always fun and free, but you must RSVP before it's too late - space is limited.

Join us for this rare Village Candy Adults-Only Event - register now!

And One More Thing...
Son of Candy Alphabet

Candy Alphabet 'G' olly G! I would think this would be a relatively easy guess, but then again, who knows.

If you're new to this, posit a candy thats name begins with the letter pictured here as you'd find it on the package. Guessing right will win you a prize. Guessing wrong will not set you out any money or subject you to any (or at least much) ridicule. You may kick yourself when you see the correct answer in next month's newsletter, but at least then you'll know you're double-jointed.
Type your guess in an email, and submit it to We'll mix up all the winning entries and we'll select one winner. And then you'll be invited down to Village Candy to pick up a prize. A lot easier than that there powerball thingie.

Fizzy Cola
Last month's correct answer was Fizzy Cola. Haribo is a confectionary founded in 1920 by Hans Riegel Sr. in Bonn, Germany, hence the acronym. Haribo made the first gummi candy in 1922 with the bear. They've been imported here for many years, but it wasn't until they incorporated in the U.S. in Baltimore in the 80s that they really took off. Village Candy carries every bagged item they offer in the U.S. 
Village Candy is an old-time, new-fangled retail shop specializing in a unique selection of retro and current bulk and novelty candy, artisan chocolates, glass-bottled pop and candy-themed gifts. Oh, and remember customer service? It's back!

We are here Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, but on Wednesday we stay late until 8! We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Doug Alpern, Proprietor
Village Candy