As I See It - An Insider's Thoughts on Attracting and Retaining Millennials in Manufacturing
by Ashley Scray, Research Analyst, Ady Advantage 
My name is Ashley Scray and I am the research analyst at Ady Advantage. Being the token Millennial in the office and having attended the Women in Manufacturing Summit a few months ago, Janet asked that I write a guest blog on Millennials in the workplace. This topic has immense implications for businesses, because in 2020, Millennials will comprise half of the American workforce. It is especially important for manufacturers, because it seems to me that manufacturing is one of the least likely careers that Millennials want to move in to. Companies should focus on adjusting their strategies rather than pointing out the negatives about our generation. I believe that each generation has some attributes that people may view as negative, but focusing on these is unproductive for both parties.

Through my research, I have come up with a few key pointers for working with Millennials...
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