AS I SEE IT: Knowledge Jobs Are Being Replaced by..."Interaction" Jobs

By Janet Ady, President/CEO Ady Advantage


For all of us baby boomers, we have had it beaten into our heads that knowledge jobs are the jobs of the future. This is not to disrespect production jobs, either - we've been talking about how many production jobs have evolved to require soft skills like teamwork and communications. Now everything is changing again.  



A recent issue of Fortune magazine notes that there is a major shift in the type of employee who is considered valuable. By way of background, there are three types of contributors in today's workplace. The first is production workers. The second is knowledge workers. And the third is what they call "interaction" workers. Interaction jobs are driving job growth. Why?


The reason, according to the article, is that like production jobs before it, knowledge jobs are now becoming commoditized, too. (Read more)



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