By Janet Ady, President/CEO Ady Voltedge


Everywhere you turn, it seems, we're being told about the lack of talent. (See my earlier blog about the cause of this: Is it a skills gap or a wage gap?). As economic developers and companies, however, we like to do something about it.


Advanced Technology Services, Inc. is what I would describe as a specialized employment agency. This firm now fills 3,000 machinery repair and maintenance positions for manufacturers such as Caterpillar, United Technologies and Honda Motor Company. 


How do they fill so many in-demand positions? Here are some of their techniques:

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Ady Voltedge Services


Ady Voltedge serves two distinct but complementary audiences. We provide economic development organizations (EDOs) with strategy, positioning, branding and related marketing implementation services. We provide expanding and relocating companies with location strategy services, from workplace and workflow strategy through site selection, real estate and portfolio optimization, and project management.


Our client and service mix is intentional and benefits both our EDO clients and our corporate clients. Our work with corporate clients helps ensure that our recommendations to EDOs for retaining, expanding and attracting businesses are practical and effective. Our work with EDOs helps ensure that our knowledge of locational assets is current and in-depth.


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