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How to Build a Customer Centric Culture
By Sherry Redden Evans

Ever wondered what separates top-performing businesses teams from other teams? 
Why some teams and business units are motivated and inspired to work together as a customer centric culture while other teams seem to be toxic and tend to work in a vacuum and point fingers and blame other departments versus coming up with solutions and taking on ANALYSIS ownership?

So did we!  My team and I spent months searching for answers, interviewing individual team members as well as top-performing managers of teams and educators in the field of team building and leadership development to find out why some teams gel and others not so much...  We have combined a list of the six skills and behaviors that were consistently identified by leaders of successful teams.   

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Thank your customer, tell them how valuable they are to you, but don't go overboard. Insincerity is easy to spot.

Sherry Redden Evans
Evans Consulting Group