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1st Quarter 2015 

The Topi-CLICK team wishes everyone a wonderful new year!  In 2015, Topi-CLICK will introduce an array of innovative new products designed to meet the needs of you and your patients.  We continue to provide progressive products that make medication dosing easy and compliant for your patients and supply efficient filling solutions for your pharmacy.

Our team has responded to the needs of our customers and will offer new products in the areas of Women's Health, Veterinary and Filling Solutions.  We are excited to begin 2015, as we fulfill our mission of...  Improving Life through Innovative Pharmacy Solutions.


-Tim Phipps, President & CEO


Looking for Ways to Improve
Your Patient's Topical Compliance?
Medication compliance and adherence  
is a constant and growing concern. 


Over seven years ago, a group of professionals comprised of a compound pharmacist, an engineer, and a nurse practitioner recognized a compliance need in topical dosing and developed Topi-CLICK. "With the growing popularity of topical medications, we began to realize the increased potential for dosing errors."


During that time MIT published an analysis that states: "In the United States alone, half of the 3.5 billion prescriptions dispensed are not taken as prescribed,... [In addition] Data collected indicates that a 25% increase in medication compliance would increase a community drugstore's annual revenues by $1.7 M and annual gross profits by over $400,000. These findings indicate that an untapped opportunity exists for drugstore pharmacies to boost revenue by investing in technologies and services to increase medication adherence." 1


Topi-CLICK, the original Topical Dosing Applicator (TDA), combines an easy metering system for topical creams and gels with an integrated applicator pad to help apply 100% of the treatment onto the prescribed treatment area. Topi-CLICK's integrated applicator pad helps to overcome the non-compliance procedure of rubbing topical meds onto treatment areas with hands which may waste some of the topical medication when washed off or allow the medication to be transferred via hand contact with others.  In 2010 a male topical testosterone drug was delayed approval by the FDA due to the concern of transference. The Topi-CLICK addresses this concern.


Why have pharmacists, physicians, and patients voluntarily demonstrated Topi-CLICKs on national talk shows like The Doctors, Oprah, Dr. Phil and The Suzanne Show?  You'll have to ask them, but maybe it relates to the same data collected from a focus group study presented by Dr. Sharrel Pinto, BSPharm, DMM, MS, PhD, at the American Pharmacists Association earlier this year. Pinto found "individuals and their families are anxious for a solution that will help them take medications on time, as directed, and track their adherence after the fact." 2


Topi-CLICK provides the solutions patients are seeking to help them take topical treatments. As noted in patient testimonial videos, the audible clicker, visual indicators, and tactile dosing feedback features of the Topi-CLICK allow patients to easily dispense a metered dose in a matter of seconds...even in complete darkness.  In addition, Dr. Phil's wife, Robin McGraw, explained how different color choices help differentiate her treatments.  All of these features show how Topi-CLICK can help improve compliance and adherence of your pharmacy's topical dosage medications.


For a complimentary Topi-CLICK starter/filling kit and more information call: 877-870-8448; email: [email protected] or visit: .


Archived from IACP Partners In Compounding Newsletter, Oct. 14, 2014, .



  1. Kalayoglu, Murat Veysel (2006). Pharmacies and Medication Adherence: A Customer-oriented Opportunity Analysis (Master's thesis). Citable URL:  Other Contributors: Sloan School of Management. Advisor: Barbara Bund.
  2. Pinto, Dr. Sharrel (2014). First Patients Enrolled in Landmark Clinical Study to Evaluate the Role of Packaging in Improving Medication Adherence. Retrieved from 
Easy Topical Filling
Topi-CLICK Filling Station

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Introducing the Topi-CLICK Filling Station - a new filling device from Topi-CLICK that will help your pharmacy save time, save money, and improve filling accuracy.

Users in the pharmaceutical community are already singing its praises, fully adopting the Topi-CLICK Filling Station into their everyday practice and enjoying improved efficiency in the filling process.

Purchasers have reported that the Topi-CLICK Filling Station cuts
the filling time by 50% for most batches, fills more
than just Topi-CLICKs, reduces transfer time, and is
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 Topi-CLICK would love to hear from you.
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