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CyrusOne specializes in highly reliable enterprise data center services and colocation solutions, and engineers its facilities to include the power-density infrastructure required to deliver excellent availability, including an available highest possible power redundancy (2N) architecture.

With 25 carrier-neutral data center facilities across the United States, Europe, and Asia, CyrusOne provides customers with the flexibility and scale to match their specific growth needs. The company is renowned for exceptional service and for building enduring customer relationships and high customer satisfaction levels. CyrusOne's more than 625 customers include nine of the Fortune 20 companies and more than 130 of the Fortune 1000.


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Danger Ahead! The Perilous Waters of Contentious Vendor Relationships

"I'm the Captain Now" - that famous scene based on that all too real life situation that took place off the coast of Somalia in April 2009 brings to mind a business parallel around what some call "vendor-lock". Now rarely is a vendor going to point deadly weapons directly at a customer and claim they are in charge but that feeling of shock for a customer that feels they are stuck in a negative working relationship for business critical services they can't escape can sure get the blood pressure up. Why does this typically happen and what can be done to avoid such negative situations?






Too often an initial contract negotiation can start the relationship off in a bad place and even create personal issues that can haunt later negotiations long after the ink on a Master Service Agreement is dry. Entering into a working agreement for critical services should always be performed with a "win-win" mentality from both sides of the table.


If you don't feel the vendor will operate with this mindset or that they simply don't care about your positions on matters...



7 Critical Success Factors for Choosing a Reliable Data Center Provider

Choose A Data Center Carefully to Save Time, Money, and Headaches


Learn how savvy IT leaders evaluate outsourced data centers to reduce operational costs, focus IT staff back on the business, and extend their resources to innovate to meet the demands of marketplace.

This executive report explains the 7 critical success factors when examining a data center provider to ensure continuous uptime in a secure, safe, and well-connected environment.


Choosing a data center can be a daunting task even for the most well-informed decision makers.

Read this report, developed by industry experts, to vet potential data center providers and fulfill your company's requirements.


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Looking for data center or cloud services? Let us help you source that solution.

Kiamesha Global has spent a great deal of time partnering with some of the best suppliers in the industry. With highly experienced consultants at your disposal, you can have the confidence of knowing that an expert is walking you into the room and will negotiate the best deal for you.

Get WAN from a Global Neutral Telecom Agency

Kiamesha Global has partnered up exclusively with TeleSource Communications Inc. to bring you best in class service for your Wide Area Network needs. Don't stay tied down to one carrier service without having a clear understanding of what you are getting. With 17+ years of experience you can count on Telesource expertise to ensure you meet your objectives.

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