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Transform Finance Operations with CDM

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In-Class Training:  IBM Cognos TM1: Analyze and Share Data (V10.2)  


In-Class Training:  IBM Clarity 7 Studio Template & Report Building 


Webinar: Amplify your existing Cognos BI and Cognos TM1 investment


About Us
Clear Insightaboutus
is a solutions provider to the office of finance for our international base of clients.  Our clients view us as business partners delivering excellence in IBM Clarity, IBM Cognos TM1 and the remaining family of IBM Cognos solutions.

Our team of project managers, business consultants and technical consultants bring unmatched understanding of the business issues and superior technical expertise to maximize ROI and value in every relationship.


Clear Insight is an authorized IBM Business Analytics software reseller so we are able to provide complete solutions with consulting, software and services. We can process your product and support renewals at very competitive prices.
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Clear Insight Newsletter
December 2014


Welcome to our December Financial Performance and Business Analytics newsletter.

IBM has teamed up with Clear Insight for a special promotion to help companies upgrade from Clarity Cognos.  If you are currently using Clarity and you are wondering about a transition then this just might be exactly what you need.

On the Business Intelligence front we have a great article for you about Predictive Analytics this month.

Last but not least we have both TM1 and Clarity in-class training sessions announced for January and February.  Don't miss out if you're looking for convenient, cost effective training options.

Remember our business is to help you gain back Time, Control and Confidence in all areas of the office of finance and corporate business intelligence.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions.

On behalf of Clear Insight - Happy Reading and Watching!
Ian Margerison


Clear Insight Services 
Tips for working with IBM Clarity 7TipsTricks

What Version of Clarity am I Using???


We often get asked "How do I know what version of IBM Clarity 7 am I actually using?"


Well there is a very simple way but in some cases that may not work so click on the link to our Blog to see how you do this... so next time you are asked you will know!

Blog on IBM Clarity 7 Version Identification



Clarity Studio - Timeout Error when adding a Data source


In IBM Clarity Studio application, when adding a data source from Data -> Add Source, after a while a timeout error may appear.


If this has happened to you and you then get the errors...


*Cannot download source metadata!
*Timeout Error at [Clarity.Server.Services.Metadata



Then click the link below to see how to both diagnose and resolve the problem.

Fixing My Timeout Error

Clear Insight has many trained and experienced consultants ready to assist you with your training, consulting, or support needs.


Contact us today for more information.




Special IBM Clarity 7 to IBM Cognos Upgrade OpportunityPlanBudForecast

IBM recently wrote their Clarity 7 clients to say the following...


"We are very pleased to have entered into a joint partnership with Clear Insight FPM to extend a special transition offer to our IBM Clarity 7 customer base. Clear Insight is a respected IBM partner with an excellent track record supporting our North American customers with the IBM Clarity 7 and IBM Cognos solutions.
As a result of this partnership we are offering exclusive special Cognos TM1 or Cognos Express pricing for orders completed before December 30, 3 free seats of Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) and a 20% discount on the fixed price conversion upgrade package from Clear Insight. If you are not familiar with the incremental value Cognos is providing Clarity customers, the following YouTube video will give you a good introduction to
Cognos Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting and this next video about Financial Reporting with CDM.
A recent Clear Insight customer who converted from Clarity said:
"Our new Budget Management System based on Cognos and created by Clear Insight allows us to consolidate several stand-alone systems, to streamline our budgeting processes and to centralize our data gathering and reporting interfaces. Resulting in increased efficiency and improved accuracy in projecting budget revenues and expenses."
We are currently setting up meetings or conference calls on a first come first serve basis to demonstrate the value of Cognos to our Clarity customers and establish conversion package pricing and timing."


To investigate this special opportunity contact us at 905-473-6989 or


Financial Reporting & Disclosure 
Transform Finance Operations with CDMFinReptandDisclosure 

Discover how you can transform the way you collaborate across the enterprise to collect data and merge it with robust analysis and insights using IBM Cognos Disclosure Management.



Business Intelligence & Analytics 
BI Forward: A Full View of Your BusinessBIandAnalytics

Predictive analytics gives you the glimpse of the future that is needed for a more complete picture of your business.


It can help you determine what customers want. You can use it to maximize operational efficiency. It helps you prepare for probable future conditions by flagging potential issues,

variances and inconsistencies and then identifying trends in the data that can shed light on them. It shows you potential new sources of revenue, helps you find customer segments you might be missing and shows you other opportunities for growth.


Check out the following paper to learn what Predictive Analytics is all about and the potential benefit it could bring to your corporate decision making.

Upcoming Events  


In-Class Training: IBM Cognos TM1: Analyze and Share Data (V10.2)UpcomingEvent2 

Where:  Toronto, Ontario


When:   January 27 - 29


Course:  Learn how to use TM1 to analyze data to discover trends and exceptions, create and customize reports and templates, and contribute to plans.


Program Level:  Intermediate


Who Needs to Attend:  This intermediate course is for analysts


You will learn:

  • Customize Cube Views in TM1 
  • Enter and Spread Data
  • Analyze Data using CAFE
  • Analyze Data using Perspectives
  • Dynamic Reports with Active Forms
  • Contribute to Plans using TM1 Applications
  • Analyze and Enter Data in IBM Cognos Insight
  • Explore Data and Edit Subsets in TM1 Web


In-Class Training: IBM Clarity 7 Studio Template & Report BuildingUpcomingEvent1

Where:  Toronto, Ontario


When:   February 10 - 12


Course:  IBM Clarity 7 Studio Template & Report Building (3-day hands-on instructor led classroom training (Group-Live))


Program Level:  Intermediate


Who Needs to Attend:  This intermediate course is for Administrators, Project Implementers, and Template and Report Developers.


You will learn:

  • Building IBM® Clarity OLAP Reports
  • Building IBM® Clarity OLAP Templates
  • Using IBM® Clarity Security Services
  • Case Study Work Examples
  • Troubleshooting Exercises


Webinar: Amplify your existing Cognos BI and Cognos TM1 investmentWebinar1 

When: December 11

Time:  10:00am EST


Join us to learn the latest industry trends and best practices from The Hackett Group and how IBM can increase the value of your current analytics investments. See how IBM's Narrative Reporting solution amplifies Cognos BI and Cognos TM1 - saving time, increasing controls and reducing the risks around sharing your Organization's valuable data and business insights. 


In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the latest industry trends and best practices  
  • Understand the reporting challenges across most organizations today
  • Identify the value that a narrative reporting solution can bring to your Organization
  • See how IBM's Narrative Reporting solution amplifies your current IBM investment

Join us for this complimentary Financial Performance Insider Webinar, Amplify your existing Cognos BI and Cognos TM1 investment