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August 2013

Beware! Amazon Warehouse Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

Is it déjà vu all over again?

In my inaugural Keys to Profitability newsletter in July, the Nugget of the Month shared a report describing Amazon’s intent to take over the world.  Well, not literally, but if their plans are realized they will dramatically reshape today’s landscape for retailing and distribution. Amazon cut their teeth on books and music.  Today, they’ve expanded prodigiously, even offering automotive supplies and food. Imagine an Amazon distribution center located within five (5) miles of most major U.S. cities, with same day delivery service.  Wonderful for the consumer.  Not so for those competing with any of Amazon’s categories.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.  Early-1970s.  Big Box retailers?  Only a concept in some visionary’s mind.  Back then the supply chain was much simpler.

More linear and defined.
Manufacturers manufactured.  Distributors distributed.  Retailers, hardware and department stores, supply houses ordered their product from distributors.
Cost of goods was a function of position in the supply chain.
Competition typically came from those of similar orientation – department store vs. department stores, lumber yard vs. lumber yard, home center vs. home center.

Then the world of distribution and retailing began to spin off its axis. Read�More...

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McGladrey / NAW survey results report 87% of distribution executives are optimistic about their business growth in the coming year but see challenges ahead.


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