Granite State Youth Soccer League
Granite State Youth Soccer League

Granite State Youth Soccer League Announces U7/8 Fall Festivals

GSYSL will be hosting 3 U7/8 festivals during the fall season under the direction of Tosh Farrell. Festivals are open to all U7/8 teams. Tosh Farrell Bio

*There is no cost to participate

Festival 1 is September 7th, 2013
Time:  9 am - 11am
Location:  Amesbury Sports Park
Address:  12 South Hunt Rd
               Amesbury, MA 
Please click link to register:  Registration link

Please join us for a fun filled morning of soccer!
Benefit of Festivals
  • Amended playing time.
  • Amended rules.
  • Let the game provide opportunity to put into practice what has been coached
  • Players allowed to express themselves.
  • Remove the fear of failure and self expression
  • Take the pressure off everyone!
  • Players ,coaches and parents
  • 4v4s and for under 8s
  • Lets get the players better!
  • Players enjoy and Have Fun!  

The concept will introduce the players to a variety of small sided game formats. This will help reduce boredom, increase multi directional play and aid the socializing aspect of using better placed teammates.

This allows 3 - 4v4 games to go on at once with at least 1 player resting at all times. Games period should be no more than 10 or 15 minutes per game. All games kick off together. The final games of the day will be 2- 5v5 games which allows 2/3 players resting per game.


Small Sided games Format of play


4v4 game #1 The line game

Over view

         35 x 25 field.

         No goals





4v4 game #2 Switch play game


         35 x 25 field.





5 v 5 game #3 Normal Game 


         35 x 25

         5 v 5

         Teams will play 2 sessions of 5v5


Angela Nieland
EDP Director