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August 6th, 2013
NH Clubs, 

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GSYSL has created a situation within the NH soccer community that has led to the cancellation of our fall season.  We clearly understand that we have misjudged our actions and have undermined your trust.  This is a mistake which clearly places the responsibility on our shoulders. 

We extend our apologies again to the clubs and wish you all a successful fall season

Jamborees & Referee Camps:

The Jamborees and Referee Camps will go on as scheduled.  GSYSL will be pleased to provide these events on behalf of the NH Clubs as this has been a tradition in NH for many years.  We have made arrangements to provide a hosting agreement whereby this will be an affiliated & sanctioned event for all teams through US Soccer

Currently, there are 69 teams registered for the jamborees and 125 referees registered for referee camps.  In order, for the Jamborees & Referee Camp to be successful we will need between 80-88 teams (48 currently registered) for the Epping Jamboree and between 24-48 teams (21 currently registered) for the Candia Jamboree.

Our main goal will be regaining your trust in the hope that we can provide some future support and benefit to the NH Soccer Community.  We will be making announcements to keep you informed over the next weeks and months. 
On behalf of the GSYSL Board

Granite State Youth Soccer League