Granite State Youth Soccer League
Granite State Youth Soccer League
July 29, 2013
GSYSL members

Follow up to club letter received

As you know, there has been a lot of frustration, confusion and rumors since, GSYSL announced to move to US Club Soccer.  Recently, a couple of meetings were conductedby clubs in order for NHSA and GSYSL to work together immediately.  From a meeting conducted on July 24th, a letter was provided to the GSYSL Board.  GSYSL has reviewed the letter and initiated immediate and swift action.  GSYSL has reached out to NHSA to set up a meeting with the purpose to resolve the differences and concerns raised by the clubs.  The second course of action was started with US Club Soccer.  GSYSL has terminated the recent Agreement signed between GSYSL and US Club Soccer, and will be rejoining USYS.


GSYSL has listened to the Clubs and started the effort to get NHSA and GSYSL working together again.  Please, stay tuned to additional communications each day.  


Thank you for taking the time to read another email, you are all valuable members of the NH soccer community.

Byron Phinney
Granite State Youth Soccer League