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Dear Soccer Enthusiasts,

Please take a few minutes to review the information below.

In 2010 the leagues (GSYSL and NHSYSL) entered into a 3 year agreement with New Hampshire Soccer Association (the State).  The basic concepts of this agreement included terms that GSYSL and NHSYSL would work closer together, NHSA would provide substantially improved services to the youth competitive clubs, teams and players through clinics as well as ancillary services and an agreement that they would not attempt to start a state run program.  GSYSL and NHSYSL lived up to its commitment thru interleague play, coordinating referee schedules to optimize coverage of this finite resource and a realization that both leagues shared similar philosophies leading to the recent merger of the two entities.  During the ensuing 3 year period the leagues have served as a buffer to the clubs while advocating for additional services. The NHSA mandated registration thru GotSoccer was a trying time for everyone.  It was only thru the perseverance of the leagues that forced NHSA and GotSoccer to the table to more aggressively work thru the multitude of errors and issues that finally resulted in a working program.  Consistent attempts by both leagues to push NHSA to provide more services to its members resulted in none of the committed increase in these services.  Because of these repeated failures GSYSL undertook an effort to explore other affiliation options in an attempt to provide services to its membership.  After reviewing multiple proposals and much negotiation it was decided that an affiliation with US Club made the most sense for us to pursue.  Unfortunately, we made these decisions without the full disclosure and voice of you, the membership.  This is an omission that will not be repeated in the future.  It is our belief that the introduction of a competitive affiliation has already had a benefit to our members as it is already resulting in an opportunity to decrease team registration fees resulting in potential cost roll back to either the clubs or the participants of conservatively $28,000.  For the upcoming registration period and affiliation we would like you to consider the information presented below:

What has NHSA offered for your past participation or to join them?


NHSA is offering a 25% reduction in team registration fees
Has there been an increase in available participant training?
Has there been an increase in number, location or access to required coach's clinics?
Referee pay by check (may be financial drawback but would be considered by GSYSL if requested)
NHSA sponsored fall tournament
Coaching license required for each team head coach
NHSA night at the Revolutions with pregame players on the field 

What benefits does a continued partnership with GSYSL provide?     

  • GYSYL will match NHSA team registration fees
  • No sanctioning fees for teams/clubs requesting to host a tournament
  • US Youth affiliated teams can request insurance waiver to participate in US Club affiliated tournaments
  • No coaching license required resulting in less volunteer/club expense
  • Optional coaching certification available thru NSCAA at lower individual cost
  • GSYSL sponsors a fall tournament allowing for greater participation at all division level
  • GSYSL supports availability for all to participate regardless of economic situation (sponsorship)
  • GSYSL/State Referee Assn. fall jamboree hosted and partially funded by GSYSL
  • 3 coaches clinics provided by GSYSL in Spring 2013 with 3 currently scheduled for Fall 2013
  • GSYSL will support the continued use of referees at U9/10 (USYS does not support and may not be used in NHSA program)
  • GSYSL has implemented the Early Development Program (EDP for U7-U10). Provided Festival Days at no additional cost to clubs to strengthen individual participant skills
  • GSYSL continuing education scholarship program supported 15 grants in 2012 to former players, coaches or referees totaling $15,000 - $20,000 (proceed dependent)
  • GSYSL night with the Breakers with reduced ticket prices and player participation in international march, ball kids and high five tunnel, 2 training sessions to be scheduled with Breakers participation and future possibilities of additional Revs/Breakers games
  • GSYSL agrees to discuss referee payment options with membership to provide most economical/least intrusive option desired
  • U9/10 fall jamboree in addition to season schedule
  • U11 tournament added at no additional cost to clubs
  • Spring Senior tournament provided to clubs at no additional cost to clubs

"Financial Savings to Clubs and Parents from GSYSL"

  • GSYSL will match NHSA's team registration fee:
  • GSYSL will reimburse GSYSL teams for insurance cost requirementsparticipating in State and President Cup competition (Top 2 teams in Div 1 for SC - Top 3 teams in Div 1 & top 2 teams in Div 2 for PC
  • GSYSL will host "The Open Cup" spring 2014 providing a 3rd season venue for U12 and above teams to advance.
  • Teams may choose between President, State, or Open Cup.
  • Fall 2013 teams finishing in the top 4 positions in division 1 or division 2 for each age group/gender will automatically qualify for GSYSL's funded entry into The Open Cup.
  • Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games in round robin format with winner advancing to the championship game.
  • Winner has the option to compete at US Club Soccer Regional level (and national cup) where tournament entry fees would become due.
Important questions to ask 
  1. Question, why would any club want to change from GSYSL who has lead and spearheaded growth of soccer in NH to NHSA whose resume is empty and lacks the organizational and leadership skills necessary to provide and grow soccer in NH?
  2. NHSA is initiating to "change" not GSYSL. Ask yourself, why should I change? GSYSL has always put my club, coaches and players as the number 1 priority including providing players with a safe, fun, and competitive soccer environment. Seems to me the simple answer to all questions, Stay with what you know! GSYSL has your back!
  3. What has NHSA & GSYSL given my club over the last 13 years?
  4. GSYSL has provided a continuous place for clubs to play. Been a responsive organization, changing as times have required.
  5. GSYSL has had a board consisting of people that have worked tirelessly to bring a better product to their member clubs.
  6. GSYSL has expanded their offerings with playoffs and championship games. While at the same time NHSA wanted to limit the number of participants in the fall tournament. If you have a Division 1 team that played in the playoffs, your team would have sat at home under the NHSA guidelines given to the leagues.GSYSL has given out $15-20,000 per year in college scholarships to players that play in the league. We also give out $6,000 per year in financial assistance (sponsorship) to players so they can play the game. NHSA has given nothing out to either players or clubs, is that the way to help their members?
  7. NHSA has provided insurance for member clubs and put on a few tournaments that they are required to do by US Youth Soccer.
  8. Which is better paying referees on the field or paying a lump sum at the beginning of the season?
  9. GSYSL has been having clubs pay referees on the field for several years now. When we looked at paying by lump sum we realized that this was bad for our clubs. When paying by lump sum, it is assumed that all referees will show for every game, we all know this is untrue. So when a referee does not show, it costs the clubs money since that is not refunded back to the clubs. This also costs your parents money.
  10. Has anyone checked the NHSA Constitution and By Laws to see if they can offer a league in New Hampshire that is run by them? I realize this may be hard to do since they are not published on their web site.
  11. Have they given out a copy of the bylaws for the new league, or are they asking you to accept the unknown? If they did give out a copy of the by-laws did you get to vote on them? Any change to the GSYSL Bylaws is voted on at the AGM and all members are informed.
  12. Who is going to administer this new league? What are their qualifications? GSYSL Administrator Steve Lewis.
  13. What experience does NHSA have in running a league?
  14. Who is going to assign referees? GSYSL-Steve Lewis NHSA?
  15. Who is going to make game changes as needed? GSYSL-Steve Lewis NHSA?
  16. NHSA has had no competitive summits in the last 3 years, has this been good for the clubs in New Hampshire?
  17. NHSA has had no Director of Coaching since the end of last November, when will they have a new one? GSYSL hired a Director of Coaching in January to address this issue and work with member clubs.

Byron Phinney

Chair - GSYSL GSYSL New Logo